A Waterfall that Falls to the Ocean: Jeongbang

How many breath taking views can one take-in in one day? Jeongbang Falls is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. The boulders around near the foot the waterfall also make it possible for visitors to get relatively close. I don’t think you can swim in this area though.


View from entrance (near the parking lot)


Yogo pose near a waterfall!

This waterfall is one of three waterfalls in the southern city of Seogwipo. I really don’t know when we left the city when we drove up the parking lot; one second we were at a big intersection and the next we had arrived.

Depending on the weather, these two little waterfalls become one big waterfall. I know it started raining after we left, I bet this waterfall would look much more breath taking if we came a couple weeks later (I guess that will be for my future trip).

It was not easy getting a picture in front of the waterfall with everyone else trying to get the same shot.  The picture on the left was one of our attempts. We even saw a big group of bikers come down as we were leaving.


I didn’t get the funny face message.



Navigating the boulders next to the waterfall.

We were traveling along the coast most of the time, but never made it to a beach. This was the only time we touched the ocean water. Can I just call this a beach? Instead of sand, there are boulders.

On a clear sunny day like this, it was perfect to stop by the waterfall. We didn’t get wet from the waterfall (we didn’t really get that close) but it was a perfect little mist coming down on us the whole time. I don’t think my camera would be very happy with me if I got any closer. I had fun trying to find a good spot to take pictures. And for once, I wasn’t afraid of these boulders (I think I was too excited). Bring some good shoes to navigate these boulders. It could get slippery!

Tickets: Adults: 2,000 won. Youth/Children: 1,000 won


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