Wander Around the O’Sulloc Tea Museum


The main O’Sulloc Tea Museum building

Located a little further away from almost everything towards the west of Jeju Island (in the middle of nowhere) is the O’Sulloc Tea Museum.


There is a small replica of the harvesting, processing, and vending of the tea grown in the museum.


There were a couple small exhibits near the entrance of the museum and we walked directed into what looks like the main exhibit. It’s a small exhibit of tea cups, tea pots, and several different types of tea (I think there was more to the exhibit, but I think our eyes lit up at what we saw next).  After a quick stroll through there, we were immediately greeted by their gift shop and cafe.

This was where we purchased most of our gifts for friends and family. They had all sorts of tea in little clear jars ready for us to smell. I originally thought that they wouldn’t have anything other than green tea. I was wrong. They had everything from flavored green tea to black tea to herbal tea. They also have very pretty and elegant gift sets. I would recommend that you explore the museum before buying anything, that way you won’t have to lug anything with you. You can also stop by the O’Sulloc cafes in Seoul (located in Myeongdong and Insadong) if you missed anything.

At the cafe, we got three things (one for each of us) to share. My favorite was the green tea ice cream was really good! It’s not too sweet and the green tea is not too strong. My next favorite was the green tea cake roll. It was just some yummy spongy green tea cake. The cream inside did not make me feel fat (lol). My least favorite was the iced green tea latte (not pictured).


Green tea fields from the observatory


Wall of tea cups

On the second and third floor of the museum there are observatories that overlook the O’Sulloc tea fields.  The third floor is an open patio, perfect for some unobstructed views. The second floor is a room with floor to ceiling windows. We couldn’t get any good views because the windows were all fogged up. I wonder if it is because a big group of tourists had just left the room?

Back at the main entrance, there are a couple more photo worthy spots. One spot is this wall of paper cups. From a far you wonder what is displayed and looks cool. The tea cups are plain paper cups where people have drawn and decorated to be left for display here (creating one big artful display).

I found that there were many places in Korea where people can leave a mark on where they’ve been. Here at the O’Sulloc Tea Museum is this wall of tea cups, many coffee shops leave walls empty for customers to write on or to leave a note, N Seoul Tower has the love lock walls and tress where people write notes on locks. How many places can you leave your mark in South Korea?


I think we saw a celebrity here!

The area surrounding the main O’Sulloc Tea Museum is a lot more to explore and stop for pictures. We even saw a little production crew taking pictures and doing a little bit of filming. I don’t think he is a Korean celebrity.


Me and a BIG O’Sulloc tea cup

You can also walk across the street to the tea fields. At the entrance are two big tea cups (the giant tea cup on the left does not have an ear, like most Asian tea cups). You could wander into the fields as well. I personally think the fields look pretty from a far, but when we right there in front of the field it just didn’t look as interesting (but I do think I should have walked over there for a quick sniff).


Olleh trails cut through the O’Sulloc Tea Museum grounds

Back to the other side of the street we saw signs directing us to explore more. The sign led us to the right of the main museum, we just continued to follow it with out really knowing where were going. That was when we came across this blue statue.

There are hiking trails that go all the way around the island. For avid hikers, this is a perfect way to explore the whole island (if you have the time as well). The trails are marked by these colored markers and hikers can stop here to stamp their Olleh hiking trail passports.


Photo spot

This was definitely an illusion! From a far this umbrella looks like a 3D piece. Of course I was wrong, it’s actually a flat metal umbrella frame! I was a little disappointed, I wanted to take a picture of me sitting under it. By the time we walked up to the umbrella there were several groups of people that suddenly showed up to take pictures.


The Innisfree Jeju House

We were following signs pointing towards the Innisfree Jeju House. We knew that innisfree is a popular Korean cosmetics brand, so we simply thought it would be more shopping. What we did not know was it is also another cafe. Unlike the O’Sulloc cafe, this cafe also has sandwiches. You can also buy a soap making kit, have a seat at one of their stations and design away.


I finally got a picture of this! (is it a butterfly? or a moth?) We saw it in Seoul and were a little startled because we had never seen it before. They were also everywhere inside of Changdeokgung.

Tickets: Free


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