Parking in Plate: Unique Italian in Seoul 파킹인플레이트 – Myeongdong

After a long morning of shopping in Myeongdong, we were ready for lunch. Having been in South Korea for over a week I was ready for something different. We asked one of the tourist help people for pizza and pasta and they recommended Pizza in Plate.

Where (Phone Number and Address):
8 Way 21-5 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Click here for a Map and directions
Looks like they have a new address since Sept2013)

It is located on the third and forth floor of the building. Taking the elevator up to the third floor was interesting — its a little elevator for just a few people at a time. So if don’t want to take the little elevator, you would have to hike up to the third floor. As usual with restaurants and cafes on the upper floors, it is always good for people watching.


People watching from the 4th floor while we wait for our food


Ordering from the back of a truck?

Parking In Plate Pizza


The restaurant is set up to make you feel as though you are sitting inside a garage. Therefore we order our food from the back of a truck / SUV.

We ordered potato bacon pizza, and creamy chicken pasta. The pasta came with a long twisty bread thing. It was flaky and crispy which went well with the creamy pasta.

As for the pizza, that’s where it got interesting. I admit that I don’t really like having to pick up my pizza and eat it with my hands (sometimes), a knife and fork with my pizza is what I prefer (and I thought that was different enough). But here we didn’t use our fingers, nor did we use a knife and fork. We used spoons! We basically scooped the pizza out of the pan. I don’t know if it was because we ordered the potato pizza or not but this was interesting. I guess there was no crust, so if you just want pizza toppings, sauce, and cheese that is exactly what you get.



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