LOCO Curry: 로코커리 – Garosugil


Brown Cutlet Curry

After turning onto the gingko tree lined street of Garosugil we stopped for lunch before our vigorous hike stroll through Garosugil — I mean our shopping trip. Check out my previous post about Gangnam and Garosugil.

Where (Phone Number and Address):
537-5 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Click here for a Map and directions

LOCO Curry is located on the third floor with Twosome Coffee on the first floor and Bibigo on the second floor. All three are run by CJ foodville (which is another big corporation in South Korea — like Samsung — which seems to have some sort of business in almost everything). It wasn’t until after we ordered our food did we realize that we could actually order anything we wanted from any of the restaurants in the building. Great for groups of friends who just couldn’t agree on what to eat in the comforts of a restaurant instead of a food court.

It was nice to go to a restaurant with a waiter who spoke English relatively well and was able to explain the food items and menu to us. I’m guessing it was because it was located in a touristy area.


Yellow Chicken Curry


Spicy Garlic Chicken Hub

The LOCO curry menu is basically divided into four sections; brown curry, red curry, yellow curry, and special. We ordered a brown cutlet curry, yellow chicken curry, spicy garlic chicken hub, and we made our orders a “smart set” by adding a side of prata and a side of fries each with an additional drink. We almost everything from each section.

The LOCO curry website explains the differences between the three different colored curry dishes served at LOCO curry (but it’s all in Korean). But from memory the brown flavor was very much a Japanese type of curry and the yellow curry is more of a Thai type of curry. When I saw prata on the menu, I just had to try it. So now, quite an international meal. Curry from Japan, Thailand, and now a some Indian flavors have been mixed in; all while sitting in a restaurant in South Korea. Oh! and how could I forget the the fried chicken, homemade potato chips, and fries. It was a good satisfying meal and time to go shopping to burn off lunch.




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