La Jolla Cove and Children’s Pool Beach San Diego

20130930 Children's Pool La Jolla Selfie

Selfie with Cyn

Last year, I had a very special guest – Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity – come to San Diego (well she arrived when I was in South Korea but she was still in town when I came back) and this gave me the perfect opportunity to take her out to a couple of my favorite San Diego spots. I also got to introduce her to Korean BBQ (it was also to show off the fact that I now knew what to do at a Korean BBQ restaurant). I’m almost 6 months late but better late then never.

You would think that since I’m from San Diego, I should be going to the beach every day, but honestly I really only go to the beach when I have guests in town. I know, it’s kind of horrible and therefore, I need more guests to come visit me. Anyways, some of my favorite San Diego beaches are in La Jolla (pronounced “La Hoya”). La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool Beach. Both are located right next to each other.

The picturesque cliffs along the coast, coves (hence the name) for you to walk into and explore, the sunset is beautiful, its ideal to go snorkeling and kayaking too, and there are seals right on the beach and cliffs. For such small beaches, that sounds like quite a bit to check out. We were really there just to snap a couple pictures and maybe dip our feat into the water.

We parked at the very beginning of the beach area and walked along the cliffs stopping at each of the 2 beaches. The first thing you’ll be greeted with when you step into this area is the smell. It’s one of those things that you’ll have to deal with when you want to see real animals in the wild up close – I believe it’s the smell of the birds and the seals.

20130930 Children's Pool La Jolla at Sunset

The lone seal we were watching as it tried to get onto that rock, can you spot it?

20130930 Children's Pool La Jolla Sunset Sea Wall

On the sea wall. Sunset and wave on the left, seals and beach on the right

We walked past La Jolla Cove and headed directly to the Children’s Pool Beach to see the seals first. You’ll see seals on the rocks as you walk towards the beach. The beach did not have as many seals as I remembered (I think there are specific seasons and times if you really want to see all of the seals on the beach), but there were a few in the water and trying to make up onto the rocks and it was the perfect time to see the sunset.

As it’s name shows, the Children’s Pool was originally designated for children to swim after a sea wall was built, but with the sea wall it became apparent that it was also ideal for seals. We made our way down the sea wall, to get a closer look at the seals on one side and the sunset on the other – of course we were also going to get hit by waves.

20130930 Children's Pool La Jolla Sunset Birds

Sunset, birds, and a few waves (didn’t get wet from those) from the sea wall

20130930 Children's Pool La Jolla Sunset

The sun finally set as we walked back towards La Jolla Cove and my car. The sea wall at the Children’s Pool is on the left.

As if we didn’t get wet enough from standing on the sea wall, we headed back towards my car and made a quick stop at La Jolla Cove to dip our feet into the water. The only thing was that there were high tides and getting to the beach meant that we had to either step into the water at the bottom of the stairs or time it right as the water receded a little bit. In the end, the bottoms of our skirts were soaked. Time for dinner – Korean BBQ.

La Jolla Cove

Top Left: high tide in La Jolla Cove, someone trying to
Bottom Left: soaking our feat into the water
Right: Cyn wringing out her skirt


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