Mayday 五月天 Now-Here World Tour – Los Angeles

Trip number 3 of 4 to Los Angeles in 3 weeks. I went to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena for a concert with Yunti and PengZi. Mayday (五月天) is a Taiwanese alt-rock band that debuted in 1999 and now celebrating their 15th birthday with their 2nd world tour. Los Angeles was their 82nd and final stop.

Although I enjoy listening to Mayday, I never really considered myself a big fan or anything. So, when I heard that they were coming to LA I wasn’t too sure if I really wanted to go (mainly not sure if I want to spend the $100+ on tickets and driving all the way to LA) but I sure did not regret going. I have only been to a handful of concerts (Shinhwa, SM Town, 2NE1, Big Bang) and all were K-pop concerts, making this my very first Taiwan / Chinese concert. It was also a perfect birthday gift for PengZi – Happy Birthday!

We got the cheapest tickets we could get on Ticketmaster, but interestingly not the cheapest tickets we could get for the concert. Sections 7 to 9 were all only $68 but were not available on Ticketmaster (though tickets were still being sold at the venue), I think those tickets were cheaper because their view was partially obstructed. Seated in section 10 all the way at the top, I’d say we had some pretty good seats. I think this was pretty much as far from the stage as we could get, but I like the fact that we were kind of looking at the stage straight on and not from the side. Though we couldn’t see faces on stage – that’s what the big screens on the side are for. Our tickets cost $105.32 which included tax and fees, on top of that we paid $20 for parking.

140329 Mayday 3

top left: Yunti, PengZi, and I waiting for people to get seated and for concert to start. top right: The stage before the concert. bottom left: Our view from our seats. bottom right: The red dot indicating where our seats were located (in section 10)


PengZi and I with our new Mayday lightsticks

We got a couple Mayday light sticks after getting inside for $15 each. What is a concert without an awesome light stick? When we first got them, we didn’t think they were anything special (especially after seeing all of the fancy k-pop light sticks in Korea) but these came out to be really fun. The colors changed throughout the concert, and not just randomly. It was actually quite a spectacle seeing the all of the light sticks change colors at the same time.

The stages were also really pretty throughout the concert. There were three platforms that rose up with screens on them. I noticed that this varied from concert venues after seeing some fan cams from the San Jose concert on Friday night. Below are a few of my favorites.

140329 Mayday

the top left: 倉頡 (Cangjie). top right: 心中尚未崩坏的地方 (The Yet Unbroken Part Of My Heart). bottom left: 你不是真正的快樂 (You are Not Truely Happy) bottom right: 諾亞方舟 (Noah’s Ark)

140329 Mayday 2

Notice how the light sticks have changed colors? top: 乾杯(Cheers) bottom left: OAOA (Now is Forever) bottom right:

I also managed make myself a fan cam for one of my favorite songs 你不是真正的快樂.

140329 Mayday 4

guitar solos

I loved that they had song lyrics (and English translations) for all of their songs during their performances. I was singing along to almost all of the songs. I seriously got the goosebumps when they stopped singing, you can clearly hear the audience singing. It was not just for one song, but several throughout the concert. I guess that was a way for me to learn some of their songs and brush up on my Chinese.

What really made my night was when they started singing “戀愛-ing (Loving-ing)” because that was my very first Mayday song and probably the only one I could sing along with without trying to read the lyrics. I actually didn’t think they would sing this song because it was not on their concert cd (which I got because I was coming this concert.

Though Ashin (阿信) is the lead vocalist and pretty much did most of the talking for the group, it was also nice to take a little break from him to see each of the group members get their solo performances. The guitar guys Monster (怪獸) and Stone (石頭) each rose up to the occasion on each of the two smaller stages.

Finally, by 9:30pm the concert was pretty much over but not without an encore or two. I was getting hungry, but we didn’t want the concert to end yet. If only this concert was like one of their concerts in Taiwan where they can last up to five hours (this concert was about 2.5 hours longs with the encores). I guess I just might have to find my way to Taiwan to experience that. For now, this is as close as it gets.


Part of the encore, the guys turned around to one of the cameras on stage (backs facing the audience) and sang together. From left to right: Monster 怪獸 (leader, lead guitar), Ashin 阿信 (vocalist), Guan You 冠又 (drums), Stone 石頭 (guitar), Masa 瑪莎 (bass)

Wanna know about Mayday? Check out this video. “People say, just watch them perform one time live and you’ll be hooked.” and I agree, I am seriously hooked.



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