Pearl Harbor (part 3): USS Missouri aka Mighty Mo

Oahu – Day 2 – Part 3


“Mighty Mo” from the USS Arizona Memorial


From the USS Missouri, you can see how busy the USS Arizona is.

The USS Missouri also known as Mighty Mo, sits on Battleship row looking over the USS Arizona memorial. This Battleship bears a big a role in American history having been commissioned in multiple wars and was the site of the surrender of the Empire of Japan which ended World World II. With the USS Missouri and USS Arizona sitting parallel from each other, they symbolize the beginning and end of World World II for the United States.




You have to take shuttle bus from the Visitors Center to the USS Missouri and it was an interesting ride through the military base. While on the bus, you are asked to not take any pictures until you reach your destination. But they did do a good job with an audio guide throughout the ride about what you see out the windows.

140827c_PearlHarbor_USSMissouri8221After disembarking the bus, you are greeted by a giant ship.

They have several different tours you’re welcome to join on the USS Missouri (included in your general admission). But we decided to just explore the shop on our own. You simply follow the arrows and numbers on the ship, the map they provide gives a quick explanation of what we’re looking at.

While exploring the main deck, we did come across several tours and overheard a story or two of what was on the deck. The exact spot where the surrender documents were signed is marked with a plaque on the ground and nearby is a display for the surrender. It’s also interesting to see something as simple as a dent on the side of the ship as a place where a kamikaze place crashed into and has never been repaired.



It was fun exploring the ship on our own as we searched for number and climbed stairs and ladders. We didn’t see much of the inside of the ship, because of renovations and work being done on the ship.

We wandered into the control room just before they had to close the room for visitors and that was a treat (It became an air conditioned room after the ships last upgrade). According to the guide that was in the room, you can see many other upgrades that match the different wars this ship has been through. When in battle, this room is lit up in blue to keep the room a little more relaxing for the guys working in a stressful situation.

Military events that are held on the USS Missouri are held at the back of the ship; where you do not see the USS Arizona. When we visited, I saw the tail end of a ceremony and watched the sailors leaving. Another reminder that we’re on an active military base. 140827c_PearlHarbor_USSMissouri8209140827c_PearlHarbor_USSMissouri2436


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