Poke at Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors

Oahu – Day 2 – Part 4

After touring Pearl Harbor all morning we were starving! I hopped onto Yelp in search of something to eat nearby. After going through several options on yelp, we decided to get our first taste of Poke from a liquor store (perfect to pick up some snacks for the road and beach as well). It seemed random but reviews seemed good. I also noticed that there are several other locations; all with some pretty good reviews.

After walking in, my parents went off to grab the snacks as my sister and I went straight to the poke display and just stared at it trying to decide how much and what to get. There were so many options, from Ahi (yellow tail tuna) to Tako (Octopus) to kimchi all neatly displayed. They sell by the pound, so you just tell them how much you want and they’ll pack it up for you.


Poke we got at Tamura’s

We ended up going with their “Labor Day Special”($13.99/lb)  and getting a spectrum of Ahi Poke. We got half of pound of each of 4 Ahi Poke (the non spicy, non mayo) options and as I was ordering I asked him which one was the most popular and he pointed to the Ahi Sunrise which was Ahi Tuna with spicy mayo and eel sauce (yummy), and so I got another half pound of poke. We had 2.5lbs of poke for the 4 of us.

  1. Ahi Sunrise – spicy mayo and eel sauce
  2. Ahi Limu – seaweed
  3. Ahi Tamura’s – it’s their house special…I guess.
  4. Ahi Inamona – some type of Hawaiian
  5. Ahi Shoyu – soy sauce. It was basically a plain poke and you simply dip it in shoyu sauce.

When we were checking out, the girl asked us if we were going on an “outing.” I guess we were, too bad our poke never made it to our next destination. We ate it straight from the tub instead of with rice like what people would normally eat it.


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