Waimea Bay Beach North Shore

Oahu – Day 2 – Part 7
Waimea Bay Beach North Shore. Top left image credits to GoHawaii.com

Waimea Bay Beach North Shore. Top left image credits to GoHawaii.com

Now that we’ve satisfied our appetite with lots of pineapple, shrimp, and shave ice we’re finally ready to head to the beach and just relax and maybe take a tap. I had asked several people and searched online to see what beach or beaches but it really just came down to which was the easiest to access. There are so many beaches along the North Shore, most seemed be perfect for us to pull over and park (that’s why they always tell people NOT to leave things in their car).

140827g_WaimeaBayBeach0619 We ended up at Waimea Bay Beach North Shore because it was a beach recommended by my friend and seemed to be a pretty popular beach. And I guess we immediately knew it was pretty popular when it took us forever to find a parking spot in their small lot. It has great facilities (bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, and a picnic area) on the beach/park making it an easy one to visit.140827g_WaimeaBayBeach1374

After what felt like forever, we were very lucky and finally found a parking spot! We got dressed and headed out onto the sand. It was a really long walk from the sand to the water and even less exciting as I walked on the hot sand with no shoes on (I was practically running) and it really felt like forever. It was interesting as I was walking (I mean running) to not really see any waves or the water meet the beach. It almost seemed as though there was no one on the beach or in the water.

Once you get closer to the water, there is a little drop in elevation and that is when you’ll see the beautiful clear blue water, people sunbathing, and plenty of people just standing in the calm water.
We laid out our beach towels, dropped off our bags with my sister, and I headed into the water to join everyone else standing in the water. I was so excited to finally be in the water in Hawaii! I made it a goal to make sure we played at the beach and in the water because I barely touched the water when I was in Jeju Island last year.

140827g_WaimeaBayBeach0746Waimea Bay Beach is a famous surf spot during the big wave season (November – February) and most beaches in the North Shore begin hosting big surf competitions. Waimea Bay Beach is home to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition. During that time of the year, surfs are 20 to 30 feet high.Since we were there in September the water was amazingly calm, making it perfect to swim or to simply sit in the water and hangout.

Apart from people in the water and sand, there were quite a few people standing on a cliff on the far side of the bay. There are signs that tell you not to climb the rocks or….jump off the rocks. Ok, I would say it’s a cliff. I just fun hanging out in the water watching people trying to jump. And if you’ve had enough of the beach, you can always to hiking to a nearby waterfall. I’m saving that for next time. We were planning to hike the following day, and decided to just relax.

For more info on North Shore and its beaches I recommend this website: http://www.gonorthshore.org/visitor_beaches.htm

I actually tried to head to Sunset beach but after parking, the beach looked so far away! Haha~ I think we would have headed back to Sunset beach if we couldn’t find parking at Waimea Bay Beach.


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