Hula Grill Waikiki Breakfast

Oahu – Day 3 – Part 2

After a nice morning hike at Diamond Head, we headed back to Waikiki for breakfast. We walked down the street from our hotel to Hula Grill located on the second floor of the Outrigger Waikiki. There was a little wait, but it was not long before we were seated.


View from our booth

140828b_HulaGrill621We were seated at booth looking out to the ocean. Our booth was elevated a little bit, but we still had a couple rows of table in front of us. So our view was not the best but it was still fun looking out watching people parasailing etc. This was probably the only moment on our trip did I see so much activity on the beach.

We have a habit of ordering three things for the four of us. My Dad and I each get our own item while Mom and Sis share. And as I looked at the menu, it seemed like a relatively basic breakfast menu with all of the essentials, but it was fun finding the many local ingredients listed on the menu. I guess that’s the best way any tourist can try the local ingredients with out having to cook or buy produce at the farmers market.

According to my Dad, you know it’s a good breakfast place if they serve good freshly squeezed orange juice. And that was exactly what they had (they also have pineapple, guava, and grapefruit)! My sisters orange juice was so good! Though it was a pretty small glass for $4.25 it feels a little expensive. My parents each got a coffee. I ordered an iced coffee, and our server brought me the Mac Nut Iced Coffee. That ended up being far too sweet for me. So he took that back and got me their house coffee and lots of ice. I prefer some watered down black coffee over a sweet coffee drink.


Kukui Portuguese Sausage Benedict

I got the Kukui Portuguese Sausage Benedict: poached eggs, lemon hollandaise, papaya relish, English muffin. When it comes to breakfast, I just can’t help but to get the benedict. I always get deceived because it looks so small but I’m always stuffed halfway into my breakfast. They used local Kukui Portuguese Sausage (I’ve heard of their long lines at the farmers market etc.) and added a little bit of papaya relish on top of the English muffin. I just wish they had a little more of the papaya relish.


My Dad ordered an Ono Omelet with eggs whites. Served with three eggs, home style potatoes (I found some sweet potatoes in there too. yum), and toast (though the menu said “OR”). Nothing too special, but it’s a good safe choice with some good fresh ingredients.


Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash

As for Mom and Sis, they had the Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash: two eggs, Kahuku corn, Maui onion, roasted pepper hollandaise. The hash was served in a little skillet pan topped with two eggs over easy on top.

Did I mention the eggs are local Ka Lei Eggs? The servings were just perfect for the four of us. If we’d ordered anything else, it would have gone to waste. I think we have this whole sharing thing down in my family.


Selfie with Sis before breakfast is served

Hula Grill Waikiki
2335 Kalakaua Ave
Ste 203
Honolulu, HI 96815
Hula Grill is part of the TS Restaurants Corporation which also includes restaurants on several islands as well as California.



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