Leonard’s Bakery for Malasadas Oahu

Oahu – Day 3 – Part 5

I asked my friends for a few things that I had to see, do, and eat in Hawaii and going to Leonard’s for malasadas was on the list from most of my friends.
Leonards Bakery OahuMalasadas are basically Portugese donuts, traditionally coated with sugar. There is a little parking lot for maybe ten cars or so with plenty of cars and people coming and going. There were quite a few people eating their malasadas outside and no line inside when we go there but too bad we didn’t know what to get yet.
Leonards Bakery Oahu

Leonards Bakery Oahu

Dobash (Chocolate) filling

After staring at the menu etc, we finally decided to get one of each:

  • Original (plain sugar) coated
  • Cinnamon sugar coated
  • Li Hing coated
  • Custard filling
  • Dobash (Chocolate) filling
  • Haupia (Coconut) filling
  • And the Flavor of the Month Pineapple filled

We took a seat on the benches outside to try the fresh malasadas. The malasadas reminded me of the little donuts that I got at the fair as a kid, yummy! Too bad they looked so sad in the box. It was also a little sad to eat outside making a mess with all of the cream filling. But they were surely fresh malasadas ready to be eaten right outside the bakery. Thank you for the recommendation! We loved it so much, I added malasadas to our itinerary on the Big Island.

Leonards Bakery Oahu

Leonards Bakery Oahu
Leonards Bakery Oahu

We tried all of the cream filled ones and saved the coated malasadas for later (perfect snacks for later), to make room for a real meal at the Rainbow Drive In.

933 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816


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