La’aloa Bay Beach and Brunch at Da Poke Shack

Big Island – Day 1 – Part 1


We arrived in Kona on the Big Island early in the morning and after picking up our rental car it was too early for us to check-in at our hotel/condo. We started driving south along the coast for something to do, something to eat, and something to see. I remembered that the early morning was the best time to go snorkeling so we tried to make our way to Kahalu’u Beach Park. But I somehow ended up pulling into the parking lot for La’aloa Bay Beach Park.

140829b_LaaloaBayBeachPark1390 La’aloa Bay Beach Park is also know as White Sands Beach, Disappearing Sands Beach and Magic Sands Beach. La’aloa means “very sacred” and is the site of several archaeological sites but its other names describe the beach itself. The beach appears to have beautiful clean white sand but all of the sand gets washed away and disappears but magically starts appearing again throughout the year.

When we arrived at the the beach, we did not go into the water. I wanted to go snorkeling but since this was not the snorkeling location we were looking for we ended up walking onto some lava rocks on the side of the beach and watched people bodyboard. There was some white sand on the beach, there were quite a few big lava rocks all over the beach. When all of the white sand is washed up creating the white sand beach, you really don’t see any big rocks (from pictures I found online).

Although we were a little disappointed for not going snorkeling, we enjoyed sitting at the small beach park for a little bit before heading to a coffee farm for some morning coffee and coffee 101. After coffee we headed back towards the beaches for brunch at Da Poke Shack.


Big Island – Day 1 – Part 3




We drove by Da Poke Shack earlier in the day before it was opened and I really wanted to eat there remembering quite a few reviews and blogs that talked about this place. So I double checked their hours and headed back after a coffee farm tour at Greenwell Farms.

The menu is kind of simple; Hawaiian hot plate or Poke. And since we’re at Da Poke Shack we opted for Poke. You can either get a bowl (0.3 lb of poke about one ice cream scoop), a plate (double bowl), or a la carte (pay for poke by lb). We got two plates for the four of us to share.



Plate 1:

  • 2 Scoops of White Rice
  • Tako (octopus) Poke
  • Dynamite (avocado aioli) Poke
  • Side of Slaw
  • Side of Potato Salad



Plate 2:

  • 2 Scoops of Brown Rice
  • Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Poke
  • Wet Hawaiian (Inamona) Poke
  • Side of Seaweed
  • Side of Squid

My dad loves octopus, and he for the first time he realized that it’s called “tako”. It’s so cute, now I get a little confused when he says he wants “tako” cause I’m thinking Mexican food “taco”. Anyways, There are so many choices which can be a little hard to make a decision. We went for brown rice and white rice but they also have quinoa for an additional $0.50 yummy!


Overall it was a good brunch with some good fresh poke. We sat at some picnic tables outside, pretty much in their tiny parking lot watching our car but since we’re so close to the beaches it’s worth heading to a near by beach. I really liked the the Kuiluo-Kona area of the Big Island. It had such a cute small beach town feel unlike the big beaches I have here at home.


From Da Poke Shack, we headed back up north. Stopped by Costco to pick up snacks, water, and food for our condo; then checked-in at our condo.

Da Poke Shack
76-6246 Ali’i Dr
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


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  1. Such blog posts make me always jealous.Here I am in Germany, rain and storm every day..

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