Paniolo Greens Resort via Hotwire


When we started discussing going to Hawaii, I remembered everyone saying how expensive hotels will be etc. and that Air BnB would be a great option for the family. I did a little bit of searching ended up going to Hotwire and booking a condo for four people during our stay on the Kona side of the Big Island. Hotwire takes away the extra homework I would normally have to do while trying to decide on where to stay. All I need to know is what area I want to stay in, the amenities that are really important to me, and of course a budget.

Screen Shot of when I booked our condo on July 7, 2014 screen shot on July 7, 2014.  The price actually went up by $10/night by the time I actually booked our  condo.

We were attending a wedding at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Kona and decided to stay in that area. I went to Hotwire and pretty much booked it right then and there. We were given a two bedroom condo at the Paniolo Greens. It is a 15 minute drive (partially through nothing) from the beach located on a golf course, even though the description say “Coast area condo” we’re not on the coast at all.

Kona! oh Kona! This is the resort side of the island. I was told that coffee is grown in southern Kona side of the island and hotels and resorts are grown in the northern Kona side of the island. It’s a big island which matches its name the “Big Island”.


Full Kitchen even with a door that leads out to the front patio. Credits: Paniolo Greens Resort


Living Room and nook looking towards the front door and kitchen. Credit: Paniolo Greens Resort


Turkeys wandering the grounds


Our little two bedroom two bathroom condo was cozy with a full kitchen with everything we may need to cook a full meal. The living room and nook was spacious and comfortable with a big flat screen tv (spacious enough for the four of us to do a little bit of yoga. haha).

There is a big sliding door that leads out to the golf course where you’ll find some random turkeys wandering around. It took us forever to figure out how to get the sliding door open though (so sad). But when we finally figured out how to get onto the golf course there are table and chairs in the patio to enjoy. I noticed a few bbq things out there as well, but I didn’t check it out.


Master Bedroom. Credits: Paniolo Greens Resort

The master bedroom is a spacious room with a king sized bed and access to the golf course. Its ensuite bathroom is divided by a closet that can be accessed from both the bedroom and the bathroom.

The second bedroom is a small room with two twin sized beds, a narrow walkway between the beds and a sliding door in the room that acts as window (partially covered by the bed) that leads out to the front patio. We barely had enough room to open up our suitcases. The tv inside the closet placed on a small dresser, cutting the closet in half. But if you need more room, I guess you can always spread your things out into the rest of the condo. We were only there for two nights so we didn’t really need to worry about where to store our things.


The front exterior of building E. We stayed in building B. Credits: Paniolo Greens Resort



Other amenities included free wifi, washer and drier in the unit, and air conditioning. The air conditioning is not always included in these condos. We were given a key when we checked in which would be used to turn on the unit in our condo. I think it would be an additional fee if you did not book through Hotwire. It’s also to important to mention that not only is the air conditioning an additional fee, it may not even be available in some units. My relatives booked a bigger unit (2-story, 3 bedrooms) and did not have air conditioning at all making it very difficult for them. Each unit has a designated parking spot and the bigger units get an additional parking spot.

We may not exactly be located in the resort area but there is small strip mall just down the street (a quick drive) with a few restaurants and a market. It was a good place for us to stop by for a quick bite or to pick up more groceries. Getting anywhere else on the island can be quite a drive.

I think Paniolo Greens is a good place to say if you are staying on the island for a longer period of time and plan to stay in the Kona area. You’re close to all of the resorts and several beaches, but make sue you have a car.


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  1. Looks like a great place – especially for that place. Compared to the expensive resorts, it looks like a reasonable and good alternative. I hoped you enjoyed your time on the dream island 🙂

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