Beverly Grove Los Angeles: Lady M Cake Boutique and Georgetown Cupcakes

Part 2 of 3 from my trip to Los Angeles day trip with my best friend V.  Check out Part 1 (in Monterey Park). We started the day in Monterey Park for breakfast, snacks, and dessert. We headed west to the Beverley Grove area for more dessert and after that, we headed to Little Tokyo for dinner.

Lady M Cake Boutique

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 18.35-2

When my parents came home from their trip to New York last year, they told me about Lady M Boutique and I knew I just had to try it especially after finding out that they have a Los Angeles location. This trip with V is actually my second time here and it was a very very different experience this time.

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 12.23-2

Lady M Cake Boutique is a New York City based bakery known for their original Mille Crêpes which come in several flavors. Mille Crêpes are basically Crêpes and cream stacked up to create a cake. And after posting several pictures on instagram, V insisted that we go check out Lady M Cake Boutique together.

Before I talk about the actual cakes I would like to address how different my two experiences at Lady M were. I went to Lady M Cake Boutique on a random Tuesday afternoon on my first visit. The bakery was quite empty and I just sat outside on the patio enjoying my cake and coffee and killing time (I was hanging out in LA by myself before heading to the airport). I really enjoyed my afternoon there but I wish there was a little more to see.

This time, on a Saturday afternoon, there was quite a crowd outside. Apparently there was one line along the outside of the patio for people waiting to get some cakes to go and another crowd of people outside waiting to dine in and we were told it would be a 10-15 minute wait.

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 13.04

The wait wasn’t too bad and there was plenty of people watching. It looked like there was only one server there when we first arrived and he was checking people in, waiting tables, and directing people to the end of the long line outside if they were not dining in. I think he can come across as being a little rude at moments but I guess I understand if you were the only one working and doing a little bit of everything. Anyways, and here is the best part. I would way about 90% of the people at Lady M Cake Boutique were Asian (and I think mostly Chinese, that was the only Asian language I heard from several groups of people around me). It almost felt as though I was in Asia. I noticed a couple signs that were actually in Chinese too. Does that make this place a big tourist spot? (I later read some rather interesting yelp reviews referencing all of the Asians there too) We were seated in the patio but it was a little awkward because there was line of people along the patio, but I guess that served as a view for us otherwise you’ll be staring at a boring medical building across the street.

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 20.12

We ordered a slice of Lady M Green Tea Mille Crepe cake and a slice of Lady M Marron Mille Crepe cake. Each slice of cake is beautifully sliced show casing each of the “twenty whisper-thin layers of handmade crepes”. V said it was quite impressive seeing them slice the cake.

The Green Tea Mille Crepe cake was my favorite last time. The fluffy green tea pastry cream between the layers of thin crepes had just enough green tea in it with out being too over powering or sweet. Definitely feels like its catered to the Asian palette.

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 18.04-1

The Lady M Marron Mille Crepe cake is a seasonal item. I think marron refers to the chestnuts in the creme, and sadly ended up being a very disappointing slice of cake. It tasted just like the Lady M Original Mille Crepe cake. Although I could see the chestnuts in the cake I can barely even taste it nor did I even notice a change in texture with the chestnuts in the cake.

150107 Lady M Cake Boutique 20.29-2

I couldn’t finish my slice of cake. The creme ended up being too much for both of us (I should have ordered a coffee with the cake, that might have helped) and kind of bogged us down for the rest of the day (the taste of the Lady M crepes stayed with me for the rest of the day).

Lady M Confections Boutique
8718 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Georgetown Cupcakes

150117 Georgtown Cuptcakes _170216

150117 Georgtown Cuptcakes _165416

150117 Georgtown Cuptcakes _164848We walked down the street the Georgetown cupcakes hoping the short walk would help the Mille Crepe cakes go down so that we’ll be ready for another round of desserts. Too bad it didn’t help, and we just picked up a few cupcakes to take home instead. Georgetown cupcakes was (co-) founded by Cupcake Wars contestants (DC Cupcakes) and have now expanded to locations in several major cities.

When you walk in you are greeted with a glass case of cupcakes on stacked cake stands (if there isn’t a line of people in front of the glass case) for you to pick out your cupcakes. They have their classic flavors and then depending on the day of the week a different set of special flavors.

I picked up four cupcakes to take home. One classic flavor: Chocolate² and three Saturday special flavors: Coconut, Key Lime, and Lava Fudge. V picked up two cupcakes: Red Velvet (classic flavor) and Key Lime (Saturday special) and her brother ate the red velvet so I can’t really review that one.

1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home 07.53.03-1
1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home 07.54.52

I had one cupcake a day for the next four days after I got back from my LA day trip.


1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home _0523

1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home _0536

The Coconut cupcake is a “classic coconut cupcake with a vanilla cream cheese frosting capped with a cloud of shredded coconut.” They used some good quality fresh shredded coconut but that was pretty much all of the coconut I tasted. The description said it was a coconut cupcake but I really didn’t taste any coconut in the cake, it was more like a white cake to me. I was a little disappointed but it sure was some good shredded coconut on top.

When I cut my cupcake into four to share and immediately found that the cake is not very dense making it crumble quite a bit when I tried cutting into it. It was kind of hard to share because of that.


1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home _0508

I almost always bring home a chocolate cupcake of some sort for my sister since that’s probably one of the few desserts she will be willing to eat (she doesn’t really like sweets). I cut open the Lava Fudge on day two. The Lava Fudge cupcake is a”Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a rich fudge core topped with a vanilla icing with a fudge star drizzle.”

1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home _0520

I found the Georgetown cupcakes to crumble the second I cut into them (could it be because I waited a few days to eat them?). When I picked out this cupcake, I imaged the lava cakes I’ve had where the melted chocolate in the middle of the cake just flows out as you cut into it. And because this is a cupcake and definitely not fresh out of the oven there wasn’t any chocolate flowing out instead there was rich creamy chocolate fudge in the middle. I definitely wished there was more chocolate fudge and and less icing. The fudge would have made a nice frosting. yummy.

1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home 07.57.52 I didn’t got a little lazy and honestly didn’t have very good lighting so I didn’t take pictures of my final two cupcakes when I cut into them.


Day three and I’m ready for more chocolate. The Chocolate² is “Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting topped with a fondant flower.” This was my favorite of the four cupcakes I had and I’m not even a chocolate lover, like I would usually prefer the fruitier/lighter flavored cupcakes.

I think I was getting tired of the cream cheese frosting that they seem to be using on every other cupcake I’ve had. This is the same chocolate cake as the Lava Fudge cupcake I had the previous day (just with out the fudge). The Callebaut chocolate (is that a type of Belgian Chocolate?) was pretty much a creamy chocolate truffle. Can I have a Lava Fudge cupcake with the Callebaut chocolate frosting?

1501 Georgetown Cupcakes at Home 07.55.55-1


And finally the Key Lime cupcake is a “fresh key lime cupcake with a key lime frosting topped with a candied lime.”  The description said it was a key lime cupcake but I really didn’t taste the key lime in the cake, it was more like a white cake like the coconut cupcake I had. As for the key lime frosting, it was more like a key lime flavored cream cheese frosting. So all of the flavor was in the frosting, but that’s the most guilty part of the cupcake for me and I try not to eat all of the frosting.

And that was the last of my cupcakes.

Georgetown Cupcakes
143 S. Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048


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