Hapuna Beach and Sunset

140829f_HapunaBeach83604Big Island – Day 1 – Part 3

After starting the day super early in Oahu and spending the morning exploring the Big Island, we checked into our condo and just spend the afternoon resting, doing a little bit laundry, and maybe a little bit of yoga. We decided to meet up with our family a little earlier at Hapuna Beach to see if we can snag a good place for my cousins rehearsal picnic dinner and to play at the beach before the rest of the family arrives (they were at the wedding rehearsal).

My cousin said her wedding planner suggested having the rehearsal dinner/picnic at this beach because of the big picnic areas that are available at this beach.

Beach Facilities:

  • Parking ($5/car)
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic Pavilions, Picnic Tables
  • Showers
  • Lifeguard Services
  • Rentals

Hapuna Beach State Park Recreation is one of the biggest white sand beaches on the Big Island located on the Kahola Coast (the northern Kona coast). It has been consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in the world. When we got there it definitely felt as though we were at a big tropical beach with a wide long stretch of white sand along the coast and palm trees throughout the beach and park areas. Parking is $5/car (but free for Hawaiian residents).

Hapuna Beach State Park has consistent good conditions for swimming, bodyboarding, and even snorkeling. My cousins brought a couple body boards and snokeling gear from their airbnb rental so we spend the afternoon in the water. This beach really reminded me of home (San Diego) since our beaches are like this too; great for swimming and body boarding on a white sand beach. One of my cousins went snorkeling, where i personally looked kind of dangerous from the waves that were coming in, but he said the waters were calmer as he swam north. My parents relaxed in the gazebo.140829f_HapunaBeach83122


I really like the picnic areas at Hapuna. There are several in the park area (not on the sand) and each with about four picnic tables in there. Making it great for group gatherings and picnics. In our particular case we had food catered from a local restaurant and had them deliver to the beach. It did get a little confusing because the delivery guys couldn’t find us but it all worked out.


We stayed through the afternoon, had dinner in the gazebo, and watched the sunset on the beach. Sunsets on the beach always remind me of home (San Diego) and I guess I’m just spoiled for living in a beautiful beach city though I don’t live near the beach.

140829f_HapunaBeach1395140829f_HapunaBeach83837 140829f_HapunaBeach82713 140829f_HapunaBeach83624140829f_HapunaBeach2751

There aren’t very many lights on the beach after dark, and packing up after our dinner was somewhat difficult. Lucky for us, my dad loves flashlights and that was very very handy as he held up his fancy flashlight and light up our gazebo. Of course cell phone flashlights were our other source of light.


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