Breakfast on the Hawaiian Island: Pine Tree Cafe and Island Lava Java Bake and Brew

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day (if I’m up early enough for breakfast). I didn’t do too much homework to try to find where to eat or anything, instead I just relied on Yelp and recommendations from my family. On day 2, we stopped by Pine Tree Cafe because it had four stars on yelp (and my cousin mentioned she wanted to try Pine Tree Cafe, thank you cousin). On day 3, we went to Island Lava Java Bake and Brew because it was very close to our condo and of course it had some pretty good reviews on yelp.

Pine Tree Cafe


Day 2 on the Big Island was another relaxing day for us. We had a wedding to attend in the evening and didn’t want to do too much since we needed time to get ready etc. On our way to the beach, we stopped by Pine Tree Cafe right off of the Hwy 19. It did not look like a tourist stop, with quite a few locals coming in for breakfast, plus it definitely wasn’t a fancy place at all.

Breakfast is only served from 6:30am to 11am on the weekends (and until 10am during the week). Like most fast food or cafes, you order and pay first then pick up your food at the counter. Food is served on foam plates and foam take out boxes and definitely nothing pretty but that doesn’t matter when the food is good.


We order three things for the four of us to share as usual. I got a Small Loco Moco served with two scoops of rice (brown rice), usually one hamburger patty (i replaced the hamburger patty with Portugese sausage instead), one fried egg, and topped with gravy. This was definitely a good comfort dish with some yummy gravy over everything, plus I felt I should be having the Loco Moco while in Hawaii.


I ordered a Sonias Omelet: 3 eggs, bacon, portugeses sausage, spam, green onions and served with rice, brown rice or hash browns (we got hash browns) and wheat or white (wheat) toast for my Dad. Nothing special, but who doesn’t love a meaty omelet.


My Mom and Sister shared the Fried Rice Omelette: fried rice wrapped in a thin egg omelet topped with green onions and a strip of bacon. This is pretty much an Omurice which is a western-influenced Japanese dish, so here its a Hawaiian/western influenced Japanese dish.


Overall this was a good (and very affordable) meal with the family before heading to the beach and we could have easily packed everything to the beach for a picnic. We made a quick stop at Matsuyama Market (a little market) next door to pick up more snacks for later.

Pine Tree Cafe
73-4040 Hulikoa Dr
Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Island Lava Java Bake and Brew


There are a couple different Island Lava Java locations in Hawaii, but on day 3 we stopped by the location near our condo in Waikoloa before heading out on a long road trip for the day. Although we were not near a beach, it was still very nice to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. And after sitting down, I noticed the tables around us started filling up.


As usual, only three dishes for the four of us. But we did enjoy a few cups of Kona Coffee with our breakfast. It was a little more expensive then their house coffee but while in Kona, might as well.


I got the Lava Moca which was pretty much a fancier version of a loco moco. Brown rice instead of white rice, kalua pork instead of a hamburger patty, house-made hollandaise instead of gravy. The egg is fried over easy, so I guess it’s almost a combination of a loco moco and an eggs benedict. I actually ended up really liking this more with the the pulled pork and hollandaise, gravy is sometimes a little too much for me. Interestingly, I did not see this on the menu (on their website) for their Kona location.


I was so proud of my Dad, he actually chose something off the menu all by him self (he would usually say he doesn’t care and lets me choose, but he can be quite picky sometimes). He ordered a Luau Wrap; slow roasted kalua pork, scrambles egg (we changed it to egg whites only), grill pineapple, onion, cheddar & jack cheese, wrapped in a tomato tortilla and served with rustic potatoes. This was not on the Kona location menu either.


Mom and Sister shared the Waipi’o Stacked Breakfast two eggs over easy, stacked on house-made wheat toast with applewood smoked bacon, fresh avocado, tomato, arugula & chipotle aioli and served with a cup of fresh fruit. This was a refreshing dish with everything we like stacked on top of a thick piece of toast though it did look a little small.


This was a perfect little place near our condo which seems a little far from all of the touristy places on the island. We found ourselves here again the following day when we were taking a tour to the Mauna Kea Summit, our tour took us there to pick up our catered dinner (as a part of our tour).

Island Lava Java Bistro & Brew
68-1845 Waikoloa Rd

Waikoloa, HI 96738
Yelp (instead of website because their website only shows the Kona location menu)


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  1. Now I really want some omelet! Such food pictures are really evil during night time for me…

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