Ttu Rak – Koreatown Los Angeles

I recently went to Ttu Rak, a small Korean restaurant that shares the little plaza with Boba Time, Tom n Tom Coffee, and Paris Baguette in Koreatown, Los Angeles. There is valet parking there, like most other plazas in the area. But street parking wasn’t very difficult to find when were there (at about 8pm on a Saturday night).

Our Korean friends took us to this restaurant a few years ago and we remembered really liking it so we made our way back since were already in the area. Our group of 8 squeezed into a table inside. We were lucky a group who had just been seated gave us the slightly bigger table (thank you anonymous friends).


The servers started out by speaking to us in Korean but when we looked confused and spoke in English a different server came to help us instead.

We were there for their casserole stews / hot pot. We already knew we were going to order two things of the stew for the 8 of us. Though it got a little confusing since our server was saying we had to get 2 servings of each stew? Which we had already assumed it was somehow 2 servers according to the menu. Each stew is about $16 on the menu, so I guess we were going to pay $32 or so for each pot?

Anyways, we ordered the Beef & Octopus Casserole (spicy level: mild) and the Pork Belly & Kimchi Casserole (spicy level: medium).  And of course they have non spicy options on their menu as well.


Beef and Octopus Casserole. Scooping the udon noodles, beef and octopus.

Both casseroles looked relatively similar. Both served on a mobile/camping stove in a deep pan, ingredients swimming in a red soup. I think the overall consensus was that the Beef & Octopus Casserole was better. The stew had a slightly sweeter taste to it and had lots of meet (that’s always a plus). There was plenty of beef, octopus, onions, and udon noodles in the soup. There was a little spice to it but it wasn’t too much for us to handle.


Pork Belly and Kimchi Casserole

The Pork Belly & Kimchi Casserole had more kimchi then pork belly and actually tasted much more sour. I wonder if it’s because we ordered medium, so they added more kimchi? I’m not sure. I didn’t think it was that much spicier then the Beef & Octopus Casserole though.

We did not order any rice to eat with our stew for 2 reasons: 1) there are udon noodles cooking in our casserole and 2) we can have all of that extra rice for round 2 of dinner.



After enjoying the casserole, the restaurant takes the extra soup and ingredients and mixes it with the rice (that we did not have with the casserole) to a fried rice. You can choose to top the fried rice with seaweed or cheese (mozzarella cheese) or half of each. I personally prefer the cheese with the rice, but I think everyone else like the seaweed more.

Ttu Rak Korean Cuisine
125 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Ttu Rak on Yelp

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  1. Yum! The sour taste could definitely be due to extra kimchi. I haven’t seen something exactly like the casseroles here (although I’ve definitely seen similar jjigaes- stews). The fried rice is definitely popular here though- cheese kimchi bokkeumbap! 🙂

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