Brunch at The Hart & The Hunter on Melrose Avenue

TheHartAndTheHunter_150411.SebasI helped plan a little weekend trip to Los Angeles with a group to celebrate a birthday. We went from Little Tokyo (Daikokuya Ramen, Japanese American National Museum), Koreatown (Wi Spa, Ttu Rak Korean Cuisine), Melrose Ave (The Hart & The Hunter Brunch, Shopping, Pinks Hotdogs).

As we were planning I started getting worried about finding a brunch place somewhere near or on Melrose Ave (so that we could do a little bit of (fancy) thrift shore shopping.

But when I called to make my reservation for 8 people (we ended up with 7 people), we were told that it was Coachella weekend and that it will not be a problem for me to make a reservation (on Thursday). To be exact, he said there shouldn’t be very many people here that day because of Coachella…hmmm.

And when we go there, one side of the sign read “If you knew better you’d be eating dinner here right now!!! #NOCHELLA”. Another reminder about Coachella.

The Hart & The Hunter is located inside of the Pali Hotel on the corner of Melrose Ave and N Hayworth Ave in the Beverley Grove area (and just down the street from all of the shopping on Melrose Ave).

I personally don’t think we really stepped foot into the restaurant. When we arrived, our server took us out to the little patio area. It was pretty much just a little outside area sandwiched between 2 tall buildings (I’m guessing it was the hotel) with 2 square wooden tables that seat 8 each. And I guess it was because of Coachella, because we had the patio to ourselves. From pictures on Yelp, the restaurant is also quite pretty.



Since it’s Sunday Brunch, we each ordered a Bottomless Mimosa and each started out with a glass and a pitcher at our table. Our server was pretty good at making sure our pitcher (later turned into 2 pitchers) were full for 3 hours.

Our server said that they serve food “family style” so we automatically assumed that portions should be pretty big and that we can just order 4 dishes to share.

We ordered the French Toast Bread Pudding, Biscuits and Gravy, Pork Hash, and Quinoa.  And when our food was served, it was clearly NOT “family style”. Servers were not prepared to give us sharing plates, and the servings were really just enough for 1 person. That was kind of disappointing. We ended up ordering more food; another serving of the Pork Hash and Butter Biscuits & Condiments.


Our food was served in pretty plates though, and topped with a pretty fried egg sunny side up (I wonder if that’s what the “Side of Perfectly Cooked Eggs” would be like on the menu).

The Hart and the Hunter Menu frontback

The Food


The French Toast Bread Pudding was served on a little skillet pan with slices of brioche and topped with a syrup and a dollop of whipped cream. This one was yummy. It kind of looks like a lot syrup and whipped cream compared to the amount of toast in the little pan, but it wasn’t as sweet as I though it could be from the looks. The bread was nice and soft with a nicely toasted crust.


The Biscuits were recommended by our server, and we decided to get the Biscuits and Gravy since we were sharing “family style” and ordered from the “big” list on the menu. The Biscuits and Gravy was served 2 biscuits, a breakfast sausage, and a sunny side egg. I don’t remember the breakfast sausage at all now that I think of it (who didn’t share?). But the gravy was really good. It wasn’t the typical brown gravy you usually think of when you getting gravy. I believe the white gravy is a Southern type of gravy and is usually served with biscuits.


The Biscuits were indeed really good. Freshly baked buttery melted in our mouth and definitely a good recommendations. We went ahead and ordered the Biscuits from the “small” section of the menu, “Butter Biscuits and Condiments.” It came with 3 biscuits. We were asked if we each wanted one, but we decided to just share the 3 biscuits. I’m guess the condiments are seasonal because when I checked yelp, others got different condiments. I don’t really remember exactly what condiments we got, I think it was honey, sweet onions of some sort, aioli sauce?, and a cheesy sauce of some sort (sorry, I really can’t recall anymore). But the biscuits were pretty good by itself (or with that gravy that we happen to still have).


The Pork Hash was another one of our favorites (that’s why we ordered a second serving). It was served with peppers, potatoes, and a sunny side egg. It was more like a pulled pork hash. The meat was well cooked and well flavored. It wasn’t very dried (though the broken egg yolk will always be good for that). The most important part, there was plenty of pork in the pork hash. This was easy to share for everyone, but too bad their portions are a little small.


And finally the Quinoa is mixed with raw kale, salsa verde, and avocado then topped with roasted peppers and a sunny side egg. I have been in love with quinoa salads lately, so when I saw it on the menu I was intrigued. Everything was well balanced and made even better with the egg yolk mixed in with the quinoa. I think this is something you’d like if you like quinoa, cause I think I ate at least a third of this, my other friend who also like quinoa also at a third and then everyone else shared the last third (I think).

The Hart & The Hunter
Located at the Pali Hotel
7950 Melrose Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90046
The Hart & The Hunter Website / Yelp


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