Chinatown Boston Food: Penang Malaysian Cuisine

I flew out to the Boston for my sisters graduation (her school is in New Hampshire, but Boston is close). We made a weekend trip out of it flying to Boston from San Diego on Friday and leaving Sunday.
150508c Boston Chinatown 54
150508c Boston Chinatown 61We didn’t plan to go to Chinatown until Sunday but our flight happened to arrive earlier then expected giving us a little more time to explore. Since my Mom has a thing with visiting Chinatown where ever we go. I guess it’s a place to almost feel like home with a familiar language and food. Chinatown in Boston was very easy to get to since the Orange Line stops right there. I didn’t do much homework before visiting Chinatown, I just figured we’d find something once we got there.

We wandered around and saw a few places that we were interested in eating at, but somehow ended up going back to the very first place we saw; Penang Malaysian Cuisine. We went back to Chinatown on Sunday before leaving Boston. We ended up grabbing lunch at Gourmet Dumpling House and to pick up pastries and snacks for our flight home.

Penang Malaysian Cuisine

150508b Boston Chinatown Penang _Th 66

photo taken by Mom (thank you Mom!)

I really don’t know any good Malaysian food places in Southern California so it was a treat for me. I don’t think my family has really had Malaysian food either. Malaysian food can be a nice combination of Chinese, Malay, and Indian food. The restaurant was pretty busy when we walked in but I guess it wasn’t too bad. We only waited 15 minutes. After getting seated, I ordered a variety of things for us to share.

150508b Boston Chinatown Penang 40

I loved eating Prata when I was studying abroad in Singapore, and that’s probably the thing I miss the most (food wise). I don’t think you will hear much about Prata anywhere else, but Roti Canai comes close (and I think it is pretty much the same thing?). I was so excited to see this on the menu and highly recommended. It’s chewy but looks like it is supposed to be flaky and eaten with curry sauce on the side. I give this Penang Malaysian Cuisine version in Boston two thumbs up!

150508b Boston Chinatown Penang 46

The Hainan Chicken Rice was our favorite of the night. The chicken was well cooked, the meat was nice and smooth, served over a soya sauce. The hot sauce was not very spicy at all, instead it had a nice ginger flavor to it. I didn’t eat the rice but my Mom said it was also really good; it’s not just plain rice.

150508b Boston Chinatown Penang 48

The Mee Gorang ended up tasting very much like Pad Thai, which was kind of disappointing to me. I remembered getting it all the time when I was in Singapore, but I don’t remember ever comparing it to Pad Thai. This made me think I really needed to go to Malaysia or Singapore again to remember what it was supposed to taste like. Or have I been eating too much of the instant noodle version at home?

150508b Boston Chinatown Penang 50

This one was another one that did not taste like what I remembered; The Hokkien Mee. This was served with a dark soya sauce, which already surprised me a bit. But it was pretty good and with a lot of seafood.

And finally I ordered a cup of iced milk tea. Although I kind of regretted getting it because I couldn’t sleep that night, I did not regret the taste!

Penang Malaysian Cuisine
685 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02116
Official Website


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  1. oh i just went there tonight for the first time!! next time i’ll have to try the hainanese chicken, we were originally going to get that but changed our minds. you’re right, the Roti Canai is delicious.

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