Flour Bakery and Cafe Back Bay Boston

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 20
150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 21I don’t know if you know this yet but I love breakfast! Ok, now that that’s out of my system I searched on yelp to find a good place for breakfast near my hotel in the Back Bay. After a little bit of searching and research I found Flour Bakery and Cafe.

They have several locations in Boston (Fort Point, South End, Central Square, and Back Bay), and actually is not open until 8am on Saturdays. I started heading there from my hotel at 7am to find that it was not opened yet, so I ended up going for a nice stroll in Back Bay area on a Saturday morning. At about 8am, there were several people outside waiting for them to open already!

“Make life sweeter… eat dessert first!”  – Flour Bakery and Cafe

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 24

I love that quote! Especially nowadays where I have this ridiculous sweet tooth all the time (ice cream anyone?). Anyways, they are known for something called Sticky Buns. It is a brioche dough rolled in cinnamon and toasted pecans, baked with what owner and head pastry chef Joanne Chang calls “Goo” and topped with more “goo.” The “goo” is actually just honey, brown sugar, cream, and water.

It is probably their most well know and popular item there (I heard it even beat Bobby Flay in a showdown). I picked up a couple sticky buns along with a few more pastries and it was so good! It’s not overly sweet (my parents don’t eat sweets and they thought it was good).

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay _Th 6Of course the sticky buns and pastries were were not enough for breakfast. I got everyone sandwiches to take back to our hotel to enjoy. One for each of us: Breakfast Sandwich, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Chicken, and a Smoked Turkey Sandwich.

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 52The Breakfast Sandwich: bacon (or ham), cheddar, arugula, tomato, and dijonaise.

My Dad absolutely loved this breakfast sandwich. Well, to start how often do you see fresh greens in a breakfast sandwich. The egg in the sandwich was like an egg souffle or something and not dry like how most egg sandwiches would be. The dijonaise has a nice kick of flavor but not too overpowering at all.

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 44Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich: eggplant caponata, roasted zucchini, and tomato.

This was my pick. I didn’t even know I ordered a hot sandwich, I just really like eggplants. The bread looked a little soggy and oily when I first opened it up which made it a little unappetizing but look at the mozzarella in the picture. It actually ended up being a very good flavorful sandwich (or is this a panini?).

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 33Roast Chicken Sandwich: mashed avocado, and jimaca.

My mom picked this sandwich just because it has avocados in it. But the best surprise to this sandwich was the jimaca. We actually eat jimaca at home all the time (in Vietnamese dishes), but never really in a sandwich. It gave the sandwich a nice crunch, imagine having some sliced apples or pears in your sandwich with out the sweet fruity flavor.

150509c Flour Bakery Cafe Back Bay 41Smoked Turkey Sandwich: house pickles, cheddar, and spicy mustard jam.

My sister actually wanted one of the special items of the day (I think it was a turkey stuffed bread) but it was not available yet. But they recommended the smoked turkey sandwich instead. This was a newer item on their item. After eating the roasted chicken sandwich, we were really full already and decided to save this one for later. It was still really good when we finally ate it a few hours later (while driving back to Boston from Manchester). The spicy mustard jam! Otherwise, it’s just another turkey sandwich to me.

Flour Bakery and Cafe was worth the morning stroll and the line that formed right after it opened. I was glad that they had all of these sandwiches available in the morning since I know my sister would much rather have one of these sandwiches than an omelette or pancakes.

Flour Bakery + Cafe
131 Clarendon St
Boston, MA 02116

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  1. the sticky buns are sooo good!

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