Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder in Boston

When I think of food in Boston, I immediately think of Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder. During our short weekend trip to Boston I made a point to make sure we had a chance (or two) to have some. Before our trip, I looked up where some of the best places to go and tried to include them into my itinerary.

Back Bay Area – Legal Sea Food and Boston Chowda

150509h Legal Seafood 42This was what I called a “pre-meal”. We had reservations at The Top of the Hub, the restaurant a the top of the Prudential Tower but I was getting a little hungry and decided to go out and find a “snack”. As we were heading from the Westin Copley Place Hotel (our hotel) we walked through the Copley Place Shopping Galleries where I picked up a cup of clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods. I took that cup of clam chowder with me to the food court at the Prudential tower where I got another cup of clam chowder at Boston Chowda. It was interesting to compare the two cups of clam chowder. They were both clam chowder, and yet tasted quite differently. The Legal Sea Food’s clam chowder had a much stronger “seafood food / ocean” taste to it and when I tasted the Boston Chowder clam chowder my reaction was “that is exactly what  I expect clam chowder to taste like”. Interestingly enough, I felt as though the Boston Sea Food clam chowder had it’s own distinct taste and flavor that I’m actually craving right now. As for the other, I can get that almost anywhere…. 150509h Boston Chowder Co 39 Yes, that is a lobster roll from Boston Chowda as well. We got a combo at Boston Chowda, which included a cup of soup, a lobster roll and a small soda. The Lobster Roll was pretty good! They used a thick piece of toast that was well buttered and toasted, topped with some coleslaw and lobster salad. We had all of that as a “pre-meal” for the four of us to share before our fancy dinner.

Quincy Market – Lobster Roll and Shrimp from Boston & Maine Fish Company

Quincy Market Boston The next day, we headed out to downtown Boston early in the morning to Quincy Market before starting our little trek through downtown on the Freedom Trail. I was on a mission to get another Lobster Roll for breakfast (I mean brunch?).150510a Quincy Market 090 We got one lobster roll and a small plate of shrimp to share (I know that’s not a lot at all, but we weren’t hungry) at Boston & Main Fish Company. The lobster roll was served on a dinner roll kind of bread with a bed of lettuce and topped with lobster salad. They used some good quality chunks of lobster. But I with the bread was heated up with butter and lettuce is just a little boring compared to coleslaw (comparing it to Boston Chowda). Note that Boston Chowda was not opened the day we were there, it looked like they were doing construction. But I guess it would be a nice way to compare the two when Boston Chowda is opened inside of Quincy Market.150510a Quincy Market 088 As for the Shrimp, it was pretty good! It’s also a plus that I had my Dad there to de-shell my shrimp. That always makes it so much tastier when I don’t have to get my hands dirty. Because it was so early, Quincy Market was pretty quiet, we sat upstairs all by ourselves after getting our food. There is also plenty of seating downstairs and outside. 150510a Quincy Market 081

Legal Sea Foods (Grab-and-Go) 100 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02116 Copley Place Location Boston Chowda (Food Court) 800 Boylston St.  Boston, MA 02199 Prudential Center Food Court Boston & Maine Fish Company Quincy Market 200 Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston, MA 02109 QuickLobster.com


  1. I’m in Boston right now! I saw Legal Seafood! Going to check that out!

  2. ooh. if you’re in Boston longer, my fav place for lobster rolls is Neptune Oyster, and if the line is too long there (its usually a 1-2 hr wait), then try Pauli’s, a takeout place on the same street and take it to go, chill on the Greenway and people watch while you enjoy your lobster roll. =)

    also i really like Union Oyster House’s Clam Chowder, you should try that next time. =)

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