Spring in Boston: Boston Public Garden and Tulips Around Town

Summer is just around the corner and it’s starting to heat up here in San Diego. I miss the perfect spring weather we enjoyed in Boston last month.

I know I’m spoiled when it comes to weather. San Diego is dubbed “the finest city” with some pretty amazing weather all year long (except for the fact that there is major drought in California right now). But for those that live in places with all four seasons (we really don’t have seasons in San Diego), beautiful weather is well appreciated.

Tulips Around Town

150509b Boston Back Bay 31

150509b Boston Back Bay 15Spring in Boston is absolutely beautiful. The city is suddenly green, colorful, and has plenty of outdoor activities like the Boston Marathon. We arrived in Boston just a couple weeks after the Boston Marathon but there were plenty of things going on in town. We were in Boston as a weekend trip (from San Diego) for a graduation, but we still had some time to explore Boston and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

We didn’t need to go anywhere specific to find flowers in the city. I found plenty of planters full of fresh flowers in the Back Bay Area as I walked out of my hotel. Not only were there beds of flowers, but flower displays that can be considered pieces of art (to me). I couldn’t help but to stop and take pictures of all of the flowers and greenery.

150510c Freedom Trail 147 _Burying Ground

As we were walking along the Granary Burying Ground on the Freedom Trail (we didn’t go inside), I saw this saw this lone red tulip along the perimeter.

Public Garden

And as if random flowers around town weren’t enough, we walked to the Public Garden after wandering around the Boston Common (not many flowers there, but lots of grass and plenty of room for picnics). The Public Garden is the first public Botanical Garden in America. The garden was crowded, but picturesque with fresh flowers blooming and green grassy areas along walking paths. It is free to visit!

150510d Boston Public Garden _Sh 404

150510d Boston Public Garden _Sh 390

There is a nice little pond in the middle of the Public Garden with a bridge that goes over the pond.  And what really entertained me were the famous swan boats. I was originally expecting one of the small swan boats where a couple people paddle like a bike, but what I saw was a long boat that seats at least ten people and what appears to be one person paddling in the back.

I didn’t see any real swans in the pond, but I did see several ducks.

150510d Boston Public Garden _Sh 397150510d Boston Public Garden 83

I’m guessing the Public Garden was even more lively that day because it was a Sunday perfect for families which brought crowds watching this woman pose as a statue. Of course you can find a few real statues in the Public Garden as well.

And below are a few more of my favorites. 

150510d Boston Public Garden 67
150510d Boston Public Garden 65 150510d Boston Public Garden 69


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