Acorn Street: The Most Photographed Part of Boston

Whenever I travel, I try to look for post cards (and some time to send a few post cards home) and apart from the usual Boston skyline postcard pictures I kept seeing pictures of Acorn Street. And there was a post card I really wanted to get, but why would I get it if I’ve never been there…
150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 191150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 192

So I looked it up and we made our way over to Acorn Street for a few pictures after visiting the Boston Public Garden. We had to back track a little bit into the Boston Common and into Beacon Hill. The area is actually one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Boston, and as we walked into the area to get to Acorn Street the Federal-style Row Houses proved to be absolutely beautiful. I would have loved to spend a little more time in the area, but this was our last day in Boston.150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill _Sh 13

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 201
I was half expecting Acorn Street to be crowded with tourists or something since it is considered to be one of the most photographed sites in Boston, but we ended up being one of three groups of people there. There was a guy walking down the “cobbled stoned” street with a guitar and and photographer walking in front of him filming (probably a music video of some sort), and couple girls trying to take pictures, and then there was me and my family.

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 193

You see the music video in the making?

It just a short narrow block lined with a few homes as we walked down the unique cobblestone street. It is one of the few streets in Boston that has preserved this unique cobblestone, can you imagine people having to drive down streets like this? It was hard enough just walking on it…

For such a little block, we spent quite a bit of time there and took quite a few pictures. Continue scrolling down for more pictures of the most photographed place in Boston.

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 219

16 Acorn Street. It would be pretty awesome to live at one of these places.

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 221

Or live (or just stay) at one of these places looking down onto Acorn Street.

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill _Sh 14

That’s exactly what Mom was contemplating….(I think)

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 214

There is something about doors…

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 215150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill 202

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill _Th 24

And since I’m usually the one taking the pictures, it’s kind of nice to get a shot or two me once in a while. Thank you Yunti for sneaking a picture so me.

150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill _Th 23 150510e Acorn St Beacon Hill _Sh 26

By the way, I never actually got that postcard of Acorn Street.


One comment

  1. I actually have never heard of Acorn Street before 🙂
    I can tell that driving on those cobbelstones is a mess. Here in Europe you got whole streets like this and especially during rain and in autumn time they get very slippery

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