Ironside Fish and Oyster – Little Italy San Diego

Followers may remember that the Little Italy Farmers Market is one of my favorite seafood spots in San Diego (on Saturdays only) because of the fresh sea urchin! Anyways, I was back in Little Italy recently and because it was not a Saturday, I settled for another seafood spot in Little Italy and ended up Ironside Oysters Fish and Oyster.

150724 Ironside Fish and Oyster _02150724 Ironside Fish and Oyster _01

Awesome post card we got with our check on our way out. Anyone want some (old school) snail mail from San Diego?

My friend wanted to take me to a seafood restaurant he walked by a few weeks ago and when he originally told me about that place I asked if it was Ironside Fish and Oyster and said no. And yet, we walked right into Ironside Fish and Oyster. Though, he did clarify that tis was not the place he originally walked by. I guess we’ll just have to keep wandering around to find that original seafood place he found a few weeks ago. (I don’t mind trying out more places).

140719b _Little Italy Farmers Market Ironside _05

Clam chowder (July 19, 2014)

Anyway, this was actually my second time here. My first time was actually after visiting the farmers market (almost exactly a year ago) and I wanted more seafood. I ended up getting the clam chowder here and that was actually a pretty good clam chowder with actual clams in it!

150724 Ironside Fish and Oyster _05

Clam Chowder Fries (July 24, 2015)

Their menu changes daily, but their “Specialties” doesn’t seem to change. That’s a good go to! We took the clam chowder up a notch and got the Chowder Fries. It doesn’t look like much chowder with all of those fries in my picture, but it was a perfect combination. And it was topped with plenty of bacon (if bacon is your thing). This was actually my friends order, but I kept picking at it!

150724 Ironside Fish and Oyster _03

As for me, I got the Seafood Paella as recommended by our server. There was so much seafood swimming in my rice! At first glimpse I though it was just the Spanish rice with 2 pieces of shrimp, a couple muscles, and a couple clams but once I started diving into my rice I found chunks of fresh fish. It was a pleasant surprise and added even more flavor to the Paella.

150724 Ironside Fish and Oyster _06

And since it is in their name, I had to try the oysters. Well, since my friend doesn’t eat oyster (yet), I just got myself ONE oyster. I know I know that sounds a little sad, but that one oyster sure did hit the spot for me even though I wanted more.

I don’t remember exactly which one of six types of oysters they had. I just asked my server which one I should try if I can only have one oyster. He recommended the “Ironside Select.” It wasn’t a very big oyster but that little guy was packed with flavor and worth my $3.

Other items on the menu include their “Daily Catch” which includes a list of fish / seafood for you to choose from. Then “make it” with your choice of a sandwich, salad, or plate, and finally choose your sauce. I tried that my first time last year and though the fish was really fresh but I wish there was more flavor.

photo credit: google maps

The restaurant itself looks like a renovated warehouse in the middle of the Little Italy and once you walk inside you’re greeted by a bright and eclectically decorated restaurant. It was fun just looking around looking interesting things like a wall full of Puranas, statues of mermaids, octopus lights.

Ironside Fish and Oyster
1654 India St

San Diego, CA 92101


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  1. Looks delicious! Thank you for the tour – it makes me hungry 😀

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