Take Out: Lucky Liu’s Chinese Gaslamp San Diego

150716 Lucky Lius Chinese Gaslamp San Diego _06Lucky Lius Chinese website logo screenshotI’ve been eating in lately and since I don’t consider myself much of a cook, I’ve been picking up dinner for 2 and enjoying it at home. Last week, we picked up dinner from Lucky Liu’s in the Gaslamp Downtown San Diego. I’m going to have to admit, I didn’t go pick it up so I don’t know what the restaurant really looks like but I was impressed by the pictures I saw when I did a quick image search for the Lucky Liu’s.

After going through their extensive menu which goes from:

  • Appetizers (lettuce wraps, potstickers)
  • Traditional dim sum (pork sui mai, har gow)
  • Traditional Chinese entrees (walnut shrimp, beef and broccoli)
  • “Grandma’s Secret Menu” (seafood clay pot & tofu)
  • Fried Rice and Noodles

It’s a relatively condensed version of the traditional Chinese restaurant menu and seems a little “white washed” to cater to the Gaslamp downtown area.

I would love to try the entrees or “Grandma’s Secret Menu” but I would like to try the entrees when I’m eating with at least four people. So we picked out a couple noodle dishes for take out.

We ordered the Dan Dan Noodles 擔擔麵 and the Beef Chow Fun 乾炒牛河.

150716 Lucky Lius Chinese Gaslamp San Diego _04150716 Lucky Lius Chinese Gaslamp San Diego _02Our food was actually served in some pretty nice plastic take out boxes instead of the paper of foam take out boxes I would usually expect. But since we were eating at home, I figured it would be nice to eat out of real dishes at home.

Dan Dan Noodles 擔擔麵 are usually a hit or miss for me because the dish actually varies quite a bit from place to place. It’s usually a noodle dish served without soup and topped with a (often spicy) peanut or sesame and ground pork sauce. Dan Dan noodles probably vary so much because it is basically a “peddler’s noodles” dish and varies by regions.

Our Dan Dan Noodles 擔擔麵 were actually pretty good. It had a strong flavor, somewhat light on the sesame/peanut flavor and stronger on the soy sauce. It had a tiny kick of spice but nothing I can’t handle, I would actually prefer a little more spice. The ground pork was also mixed with some tofu which added to the texture. I don’t know what kind of noodle they used, but I actually really liked those noodles.

150716 Lucky Lius Chinese Gaslamp San Diego _05

Our second dish, the Beef Chow Fun 乾炒牛河 was nothing special to me. Beef Chow Fun has always been one of my favorite cantonese noodle dishes and was always a dish I would get. It’s basically a fried noodle dish using fat slippery kind of doughy noodles called “Ho Fun” fried with beef, onions, and bean sprouts. Its literally called “dry fried beef noodles” because there is no sauce that goes with the Beef Chow Fun.

For $12.95 from Lucky Liu’s Chinese I was hoping for something special since I can get this at most Chinese restaurants for less then $10. Though it was well executed, I would probably not get this again from Lucky Liu’s since I can get this almost anywhere.

Lucky Liu’s was worth trying out since we had a Groupon deal where we paid $12 for $20 worth of takeout (or delivery). If you want to dine in, Groupon has other options. I might just try out the $30 for $50 worth of Chinese cuisine for four, redeemable in the restaurant since I want to check out the restaurant. From the website and pictures, I would expect a P.F. Chang’s kind of Chinese restaurant but from the two noodles I tried the food tastes pretty traditional and less fusion.

Lucky Liu’s Chinese
332 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101


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    Happiness to you ☺ salut by Rinaldo from Venice Italy .

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