Part 1: Anaheim Packing House – Rolling Boil hot pot

150815b Anaheim Packing District _02

I went to the 626 Night Market a few weeks ago where I indulged in a lot of street food and then I remembered there is something similar to that in Anaheim…sort of. The Anaheim Packing House (District) is located in downtown Anaheim (near Disneyland-ish).

141115b Anaheim Packing House_022I was here in November of 2014 for my birthday and then kind of forgot about this place mainly because it is kind of our of the way for me when I drive through Orange County to Los Angeles from San Diego. But I was finally sort of in the area a few weeks ago with my friend BH and I decided to drag take him there for dinner.

We walked through the whole building walking passed everything from Indian food to fish and chips to a beer place to a couple ice cream places. I actually ended up coming back just last week to eat more. More about that in my next post. Today, I’m going to talk about Rolling Boil.

150815b Anaheim Packing District Hans Homemade _11

Of all things, we actually ended up sitting down at the bar at Rolling Boil for hot pot.

150725 Anaheim Packing House Rolling Boil _03After being seated at the bar, our server gave us an extensive explanation of how the menu works. You basically start by picking out your broth, then pick your proteins and the amount you want counted by pieces, then pick what kind of sauce you want. Of course there are plenty of add-ons to choose from and a few appetizers (though it wasn’t available when we were there cause they were doing some work in the kitchen).

BH and I decided we wanted to just share a broth rather then each getting our own separate soup bases. If you do that, you basically have to order a minimum of 12 pieces of meat.

We ordered:

  • 50/50 Broth (Szechuan Spicy and Savory Vegetarian)
  • Combo Mix and Match: 4 pieces of rib eye steak, pork tenderloin, and bay scallops
  • Citrus Sauce (citrus, soy, tart), and Toasted Sesame (wok’d sesame, nutty, sweet)
  • Brown Rice
  • And apparently another order of Vegetables…
  • Oh, and 2 beers

150725 Anaheim Packing House Rolling Boil _05

Although they call it Chinese Hot Pot, I think it’s more like Shabu Shabu since they have it set up with individual pots, a big plate of vegetables, rice, and meats. Chinese Hot Pot is more like a single big pot in the middle and individual orders of meats and vegetables.

Here is what started getting me confused. The servers didn’t know we had ordered ONE pot to share, and served us with TWO plates of vegetables. Each plate of vegetables included kale, carrots, baby corn, tofu, etc. The plate looked amazing. And when they realized we only ordered ONE pot they were going to take away our second plate of vegetables. I ended up asking them to leave it since it looked so good and I wondered if they were just doing to serve that same plate to someone else…

150725 Anaheim Packing House Rolling Boil _06

Anyways, he said it was going to be an extra charge and I said ok. Here is the issue…he didn’t explain to me that it was going to be $15 for that single plate!!! I understand that it looked amazing but that was a full course where as the other plate was supposed to come with pot we ordered? I ended up kind of forcing myself to finish eating all of the vegetables and sadly didn’t have enough room to check out anything else at the Anaheim Packing House…sad sad.

As for the soup base, it was really good. We chose the 50/50 broth because BH likes to eat spicy and I sort of like eating spicy. To be exact, I always think I can eat spicy foods but my tolerance can be a lot better. So we got the 50/50 so that I can actually enjoy the food rather then cry all through dinner because it was too spicy for me.

150725 Anaheim Packing House Rolling Boil _01

We joke that this is the very first meal I’ve ever cooked for BH because they placed the pot in front of me rather then in front of him so I had to cook everything and serve him. So note to self, if you want to share, try sitting at a table where it’ll be easier for you to share rather then at the bar. And be aware that if you’re sitting a the bar people can apparently just walk up to the bar. I ended up rushing to finish because the guy next to us ran into a friend and this friend ended up standing at the bar right next to me (invading my bubble of personal space).

150725 Anaheim Packing House Rolling Boil _08

I wanted pork, he wanted beef, and we both love seafood. For beef lovers, they have 3 different beef choices: New York Steak, Rib Eye Steak, and Wagyu Steak. Basically one better (fattier, and more expensive) then the next. We went with the Rib Eye Steak (the middle option). I know the wagyu steak would be amazing with the really pretty marbled meat but do we really want super thinly slices to eat with our broth?

In the end, I actually didn’t care for any of the meats and enjoyed the vegetables the most! Although I walked away thinking I was ripped off and was over charged, it was a satisfying dinner. We were served by at least 3 different servers in one night and things got a little confusing with what we ordered and what we were being served. And with the way the menu is set up, EVERYTHING is an extra-charge. The pricing really sits on the meat/protein which is the obviously the most expensive on the menu and then everything else is an additional charge. Each broth actually costs an extra $1 or $1.50 unless you just want water (that’s free).

I managed to get a scoop of ice cream before leaving, but I wasn’t satisfied with eating from just ONE place at the Anaheim Packing House so I dragged my parents and sister here again. Check out my next post, we ate and drank at the Kroft, Georgia’s, Lemon Drop, Popbar, and Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream!

Anaheim Packing House
Rolling Boil
440 Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805


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