Part 2: Anaheim Packing House – The Kroft, Georgia’s, Lemon Drop, Popbar, Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream

150815b Anaheim Packing District _09 As mentioned in my previous post about the Anaheim Packing House, I just absolutely had to come back for more. I wanted to feel as if I was at a night market where I can just eat my way through everything. With my parents and sister Yuntiha, we managed to check out a few places: The Kroft, Georgia’s, Lemon Drop, Popbar, Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream.

The Anaheim Packing House is one of the few remaining original Packing House buildings in the area where oranges were packaged back in the day when Orange County really was a county where oranges were grown. Today it is food heaven and the closest thing I can get to a night market at any time (with out waiting for the 626 Night Market to come back). Parking may be a little difficult, but they’ve done a pretty good job with making parking areas/lots/valet available.

I was on a mission to eat and drink! The Anaheim Packing House makes it easy for you go restaurant hopping or for a group of friends to pick out whatever they want to eat and then eat together. It’s pretty much one big fancy food court.

The Kroft

150815c Anaheim Packing District The Kroft_04

I had this place in mind! Located on the first floor, I remember thinking this place was like a little butcher shop or something. But according to their menu and Facebook (their website is not up yet) it’s gastropub and sandwich shop where comfort food is reinvented.

150815c Anaheim Packing District The Kroft_01 Each restaurant in the Anaheim Packing House has it’s own seating which is usually a pretty small area. If you are seated in the their own area you’re most likely going to be served with real dishes etc. We chose to sit somewhere else and therefore got our food “to go”. We wanted to start light and get just one thing to share before trying more food. We went back and forth trying to decide on what to get. Yuntiha and I decided that we can’t go wrong with fries!  Plus it’s easier to share. We went back and forth trying to decide on which Poutine to get and ended up getting the Chicken Pot Fries.

150815c Anaheim Packing District The Kroft_03 The Chicken Pot Fries is basically fries topped with the insides of a chicken pot pie. The box didn’t look like much when we opened it, but it was actually pretty filling for a starter. I have found that some poutines can get too salty from all of the gravy, but with the creamy chicken over the fries, this sure did feel like some good comfort food.

Lemon Drop

150815d Anaheim Packing District Lemon Drop _02

150815d Anaheim Packing District Lemon Drop _01Lemon Drop is a juice stand located in the middle of the second floor. I actually never even noticed what this place was called, I just knew it was a juice stand. I was getting thirsty from the Chicken Pot Fries, so I stopped at Lemon Drop and got myself a Skinny Green Drink: spinach, kale, pineapple, and ginger.

The place is called Lemon Drop, so at first I was going to get a lemonade, but my Mom is actually allergic to citrus and I personally really like green juices, so green juice it is. I made everyone try to guess what was in the green juice, and they made some pretty good and accurate guesses. They just didn’t get the ginger correct (though it was Yuntiha’s favorite part/flavor in the juice).

Georgia’s – Southern Home Cooking

I was here last year, and I’m back for seconds.

150815e Anaheim Packing District Geogias _11 150815e Anaheim Packing District Geogias _01150815e Anaheim Packing District Geogias _02

Rather then trying a new place, I decided to come back to Georgia’s. We were actually served by one of the owners that evening because we sat out in the patio and apparently no one knew we were out there (we waited a while) and ended up with some free food too.

This time, we absolutely did not want to sit outside thanks to the very very hot weather outside so we decided to find a table somewhere else in the Anaheim Packing House. By the time we picked up our food, I found a table in their seating area so I went ahead and sat in the Georgia’s dining area. Unlike everyone else, we were eating out of a to-go box instead of real plates and utensils.

150815e Anaheim Packing District Geogias _07I got the Pulled Pork Sliders (trio) to share, you can get singles as well but since we were sharing the triple was good for us. According to their menu, they use organic brioche which honestly I didn’t really care for. I was almost craving the sweet hawaiian dinner rolls, but the bbq sauce is actually quite sweet and that changed my mind pretty quickly. The slow roasted pulled pork and slaw in the sliders were a good combo.

150815e Anaheim Packing District Geogias _08

We actually ordered a side of slaw (that came with our Fried Cat Fish) and I ended up not really caring for it by itself. We also got a side of Mac and Cheese and that was ok, but it hit the spot.

The Fried Cat Fish is 9oz of farm raised cat fish with a cornmeal crust. We eat quite a bit of cat fish at home (mom makes a pretty good grilled/baked cat fish). But when it comes to the fried cat fish I immediately think of the fried cat fish from Boiling Crab and because of that I wish there was more fish in each piece.


When the Anaheim Packing House opened last year, I started seeing a LOT of instagram/facebook pictures from this place. And that was how I even knew about the Anaheim Packing House. There is almost always a long line! There are locations in several countries around the world (Canada, Mexica, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia) and only 2 locations in the US (Anaheim and New York). Have you been to Popbar?

150815f Anaheim Packing District Popbar _01150815f Anaheim Packing District Popbar _05

150815f Anaheim Packing District Popbar _10The concept is pretty simple.

  1. Pick a flavor ice cream gelato on a stick (“popGelato”, “popSorbetto”, “YogurtPop”)
  2. Choose your dipping and how you like it
  3. and finally decide on your toppings

Normally I would skip this place and get dessert somewhere else, I thought it would be fun for my Dad to try this place. I made him customize his own and he got: Pinapple Gelato, drizzles White Chocolate dipping, with Pistachios on top.

This was actually pretty yummy, but it got messy with the pistachios falling off and at the end even the white chocolate peeled right off. And our final bite was nothing but pineapple gelato on a stick.

Gelato can be creamy and will hit the spot, but this was a little too icy for me, so off we went to find some real ice cream.

Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream

“There is no such thing as too many scoops” that’s what the big sign below the glass display says.

150815g Anaheim Packing District Hans Homemade Icecream _01

//’ Handmade Ice Cream is a local ice cream shop in Orange County (Santa Ana) and opened up a second location in the far end of the of the second floor of the Anaheim Packing House.

150815g Anaheim Packing District Hans Homemade Icecream _03Their ice cream is rich, creamy, and very flavorful. My current favorite is the Cherry Bourbon, which is a flavor I don’t see on their website. My issue with this place is that there is always a long line and it’s not easy to see or even really spending the time to get some tasters to help decide on what flavor I really want. (The flavors are all hand written signs)

I’m usually happy to just end my meal with a scoop of ice cream, but always see people ordering shakes, sundaes, handmade drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches, and even hand-dipped frozen bananas. I might just have to stop by Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream before eating so that I can try everything else.

Anaheim Packing House
440 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805


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