Plumeria Thai Vegetarian University Heights San Diego

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I always wondered why there were 2 Thai Restaurants each across from each other. There is Bahn Thai a little take out place and then there is Plumeria a restaurant and looks quite pretty. I’ve always thought that it’s no hard to make a Thai Restaurant a vegetarian restaurant since you usually select a base dish and then you decide on what kind of meat or vegetable to add to your dish. Plumeria takes it up a notch and they also serve vegetarian meats and label their menu items with:

  • Vegetarian (can be served with eggs and/or dairy items)
  • Vegan (no meat, dairy, honey or animal products)
  • Gluten Free (grains that contain no gluten)

My friend had originally recommended Plumeria to me over and over again. She is a regular here, so I know it is has to be good (plus her toddler loves Plumeria). When I went on their website, they also stated that it is “named in the 100 of US less expensive restaurants by Yelp. The restaurant is pretty and well decorated with good service and prices are very very reasonable! That was actually quite a surprise to me.

150818a Plumeria University Heights _01

We started with the Flower Cups. I saw lots of pictures of these things on Yelp and was super excited when BH ordered it to start. We were taking forever trying to decide on what to eat.

They’re just little wonton skin fried into flower cup shapes, then filled with tofu, onions, peas, and carrots with a side of cucumber salad. The tofu had a light curry taste to it and was even more refreshing topped with the cucumber salad. I wish they’d served more of the cucumber salad. I’m actually really surprised that the cucumber salad was not a fish sauce, because I was definitely fooled until I remembered this was a vegetarian restaurant.

After going back and forth over a few different dishes (there was so much I wanted to try), we finally decided to get the Broccoli Delight and the Pumpkin Curry.

150818a Plumeria University Heights _04

I always give BH a hard time when it comes to sharing food because he like to eat his favorites first where I always save my favorites for last. We both really like broccoli and when I learned very quickly that I had to stop him from taking the last piece of broccoli otherwise I didn’t get to eat any.

Anyways, BH got the Broccoli Delight with fried tofu which is a stir fried broccoli and carrots and fried tofu with a fresh garlic in mushroom sauce and a side of star shaped brown rice. The fresh garlic in mushroom sauce was so good! As the sauce slowly made it’s way into the star shaped rice (the poor star was crumbling before I could even take a picture) I started picking at the rice that was soaked in the fresh garlic in mushroom sauce.

150818a Plumeria University Heights _06

The broccoli and carrots were nice and crunchy and went well with the soft fried tofu. I was also surprised that it was not very oily at all. I think it would have felt like a healthier dish if it was soft tofu. This fried tofu looks like it was lightly fried and the soft tofu inside was still nice and smooth.

150818a Plumeria University Heights _08

Thai curry is my go to dish and to be exact I almost always get the the Penang Curry but after going through the menu several times I finally decided to get the Pumpkin Curry which is basically the Red Curry with pumpkin in it. The Red Curry has eggplant, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and fresh basil.

The main reason I wanted to get the Pumpkin Curry was not only because I wanted pumpkins but also because I really wanted the egg plants. The curry here was piled high with everything and almost felt endless with vegetables, pumpkin, eggplants, and the vegetarian fried duck (I ordered that to be added to my curry).

150818a Plumeria University Heights _09

The red curry got me confused for a bit because I thought it was the Penang Curry but after a few more bites, I think the Penang Curry is usually a little sweeter then the Red Curry I was having here. I might have to order both next time to compare.

With a spice meter of 1-10, 1 being the least spicy. I got a 3 and our server told me that is medium spicy, them what is a 10? I thought the spice level was ok for me. When the curry was first served hot off the stove I had to mix my curry with my star shaped rice to cool it down a little bit and to help with the spice. I really ended up eating a quarter of my rice and BH finished the rest for me but at least I cleared my bowl of curry.

Plumeria Vegetarian
4661 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92116


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