iDessert by Jean-Philippe – Little Italy San Diego

I made my way to the Little Italy Farmers Market mainly to get some fresh sea urchin (uni) and then a friend reminded me that I wanted to check out iDessert by Jean-Philippe. It’s not part of the Little Italy farmers market, but it is located half a block away.

Going to iDessert is not as simple as telling a friend you’re going to go get ice cream and describing what you’ll get is all of a sudden kind of complicated. It’s a fancy dessert created by a fancy pastry chef who is based out of Las Vegas.

It’s a small dessert shop off India Street in Little Italy near Iron Side. And apparently on the day we visited, they had just reopened after having to close for technical issues (according to their website). I’m glad we didn’t walk up to be disappointed because they were closed.

150822b Little Italy iDessert _02

150822b Little Italy iDessert _05
150822b Little Italy iDessert _01When we walked in, it reminded me of a fro-yo shop with a few machines behind the counter and a glass in front of a toppings counter. But what really draws my attention are the merengues on display. Or they call it the Crust.

So here is what the dessert is….according to the iDessert website:

“To build your Dessert, you will need to select your Crust, Gelato and Cream. Then, you will have the option to add a layer of a flavored cake, a sauce, some fruits and/or a crunch. If you wish to have the full iDessert™ experience, have your order served with the Vegas Bowl to savor your masterpiece!” – iDessert™

There are few iPad’s/tablets inside for you to easily order your desserts, which makes it kind of fun and in a way easier to order. And if you have questions, you are also welcome to order at the counter with a real person too.

iDessertWe decided to order one (of the 6) Chef’s favorites instead of building our own dessert since it was our first time. And yes, we got the “full iDessert™ experience” with the Vegas Bowl. We’ll be creative next time.


CRUST:  Raspberry. GELATO:  Strawberry Sorbet. CREAM:  Lemon Strawberry (they were out of lemon cream). CAKE: Vanilla. SAUCE:  Berry. FRUIT:  Warm Berry Compote

150822b Little Italy iDessert _16

And when it was served, we called it a space ship. The Vegas Bowl is simply part of the experience where they they put dry ice in the bottom section of the bowl and a smoke starts streaming out making it almost magical.

We actually watched the delivery guy bring in a bag of dry ice and all we could think of was how cold the bag he was carrying on his should was. It literally had a layer of ice on the outside of the bag.

150822b Little Italy iDessert _18

Anyways, once the smoke died off, it was time to eat. Well, first you need to release the sauce by squeezing the bulb thing on top of our ‘space ship’. That way the sauce won’t touch the merengue crust, it’s directly injected into the gelato inside the crust.

150822b Little Italy iDessert _22

Then you take the back of the spoon they give you to break the Crust. You only get one spoon, but they have extra spoons (normal plastic spoons) available if you are sharing. We all concluded that the raspberry shell reminded us of a Bowser shell. Do you agree? 150822b Little Italy iDessert _24

And once you break the crust, you can can finally eat! It felt like there was so much going on, but everything seemed to go quite well together at the same time in this one little bowl. I just remembered not understanding what was one after a while.

Overall, it was a little too tarte / sour for us but at the same time, I’m not sure how I would ‘build my own’ to fix the tarte / sour flavor. Would the original lemon cream make it even more tarte?

My favorite part was the raspberry merengue Crust (Bowser shell), it was a rather thin and light merengue crust. Unlike the merengue cookies I’m used to of getting, this was wasn’t overly sweet and sugary. It mixed will with the strawberry sorbet, strawberry cream, and raspberry sauce in a way. Now that I am writing this out, I think I really want that lemon cream because this wounds more like BERRY then a FRUITY.

Oh, and the last thing, the vanilla cake. That was my least favorite part. It was a thin layer of cake at the very bottom under the gelato, cream, compote, sauce, and merengue. It was so thin I couldn’t even decide if the cake was fluffy or not. I concluded it was a soggy cookie at the bottom.

And that was our $10 dessert. I’m planning to come back to build my own and see what I come up with. They do have 20+ crusts, 8+ gelato flavors,  6+ creams, 5+ cakes, 6+ sauces, 6+ fruits, 8+ crunch options. The possibilities are endless…

150822b Little Italy iDessert _03

If the fancy dessert is not your thing, you can always build your own Sundae or order a milkshake. Have you been here before? What would you build?

iDessert by Jean-Philippe
1608 India Street Suite 104,
San Diego, CA 92101



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