Monthly Wine Dinner Presented By Villa Capri Poway August 2015

August Wine Dinner with Wines from Mastroberardino Winery presented by Villa Capri Poway

On the last Thursday of every month Villa Carpri Poway features a wine and dinner night. 5 courses paired with 5 wines I left feeling very full and just a little tipsy (for $49.95). This months theme was “Wines from Mastroberardino Winery”. I’m learning more and more about wine after each wine dinner, but I still don’t know very much about wine. It was a good night with a lot of good food and good wine. For wine lovers, you can always order some wine to take home.

I have learned that wine does not taste the same by itself and with food. And right now, I’m enjoying these wine flavors paired with the right food for me.

150827 Villa Capri _10Appetizer – Stuzzichini Dello Chef paired with Mastro Greco Campania IGT 2012

Chef Dario’s own creation of mini bites is always a shared platter of appetizers (this time created by Chef Dario instead of Chef Antonio). Each platter serves 2 to 4 people and with just me and Elena it was hard not have an extra bite of everything.

150827 Villa Capri _17

I always look forward to seeing what we get to start with. Instead of having to choose one appetizer, you get a variety and a few bites of each before heading into the next 4 courses of the night.

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese crostini topped with capers
  • cheese pizza
  • asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
  • cherry tomato mozzarella basil (skewer?)

Salad – Insalata di Grano Artico con Capesante paired with Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco DOC 2014

150827 Villa Capri _20 150827 Villa Capri _31

150827 Villa Capri _33

When I saw the menu before dinner, I was super excited to see quinoa salad with seared bay scallops tossed in a lemon vinergrette. The quinoa salad was a very refreshing start especially on this hot summer day (it’s been 90 – 100F here in San Diego).

The surprise was the huge piece of scallop served on top of the quinoa salad. I was expecting a few smaller scallops in my salad, not 1 big piece of scallop on top of my quinoa salad. Big pieces of scallops are always fun to eat cause you can really get the texture of the scallop.

Elena and I were seated with John who also presented the wine to us (thanks for modeling our next bottle of wine). If you are making this a date night, you will most likely be sharing a table with another couple and that makes for a fun (blind) double date.

150827 Villa Capri _36

Carb Course – Pasta Caareccia al Ragu Napoletano paried with Mastro Aglianco Campania IGT 2012

And after 2 courses of white wine, we were finally served a red with our slow cooked baby back rib ragu with homemade pasta. This was “Mama’s favorite Italian Sunday dish”.

Pasta dishes often feel like they can be an easy dish to make (especially at home) but what I have learned is that fresh homemade pasta takes the dish up to a whole new level compared to the packaged pasta you buy at the grocery store). At Villa Capri, pasta is almost always made al dente; just the way i like it.

The carbs were worth it, plus it’s not a cream sauce which makes it a little better.

150827 Villa Capri _37150827 Villa Capri _44

I usually don’t care for ribs or any meat still on the bone, but the baby back ribs fell off the bone the second I put my fork into it (no meat stuck on the bone).

And I forgot to take a picture of our bottle of wine…

Meat – Vitello alla Pizzaiola con gatto di patate & scarola paired with Radici Tourasi DOCG 2008

150827 Villa Capri _67

150827 Villa Capri _63

And as if the baby back rib was not enough we were served another meat (the actual  meat) course. Classic Neopolitan Veal with garlic, fresh tomato, olives, capers, and oregano served with gatto potatoes & sauteed scarola. The flavors are a little lighter compared to the baby back rib ragu and the Veal looked and cut as if it was chicken.  By now, I kind of wished I didn’t eat all of my pasta because I was getting really full, but continued on and ate all of my food.

This was the most expensive wine of the night and also had to be special ordered. And if we wanted to take a bottle home, we would have to wait a few weeks for it to be shipped to San Diego. That’s another thing I like about these wine dinners, you get to taste foreign (Italian) wines without having to fly to Italy.

Dessert – Sorpresa della Chef paired with Melizie Irpinia Fiano Passito DOC 2011

And as the night comes to an end, we are served with our last course. The Chefs’ Surprise Dessert! Lemon cake paried with a sweet white dessert wine.

150827 Villa Capri _68

And of all of the things I heard (but didn’t listen) about wine, I learned that dessert wines are often more expensive because the grapes are actually starting to dry up and produces less liquid but that’s what is making it sweet.

At least I’m learning a thing or 2 about wine as I enjoy an evening of wine and food. It’s a long dinner that goes from 6pm to 9pm but well worth the food, wine, and company.

150827 Villa Capri _73

The next wine dinner at Villa Capri Poway will be on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 6pm. Don’t forget to make reservations!

Villa Capri Poway
14771 Pomerado Rd
Poway, CA 92064

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