Tacos El Gordo – Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

I grew up in San Diego where Mexican food is almost everywhere. California Breakfast Burritos, Carni Asada Fries, Taco Tuesdays…and you can definitely find some amazing authentic Mexican food here in San Diego (with out actually having to cross the border though it can be a quick walk across the border). Late night carne asada fries anyone?

150822 Tacos El Gordo _ BH 12150822 Tacos El Gordo _ BH 10

Tacos El Gordo is actually quite a drive away, but they have some of my favorite tacos. With no traffic, it is a 35 minute drive for me just to get tacos and though it doesn’t sound like a long drive (since my daily commute can be longer), rarely would I actually venture out to Chula Vista.

BH and I finally made our way over there after an afternoon in Coronado. And it was his first time here. Following our GPS, we ended up missing our turn and having to loop around the area a couple times to finally be on the correct side of the street and to easily pull into the driveway and lucky for us, a parking spot was waiting for us. It was going to be a good meal.

The way this place works: go in, decide on what you want, get in the line for the type of meat your want, order, go into another line for more food, order, pay at the register, and then eat.

150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _05I was feeling a little greedy and wanted to order 2 of almost everything(It was more like, me not wanting to share) but I was kind of good and only ordered 1 of each . We got seconds on our favorite after round one.

  • Adobada Taco (Spiced Pork)
  • Cabeza Taco (Beef Head)
  • Carne Asada Taco (Beef)
  • Lengua Taco (Beef Tongue)
  • Chorizo (Beef and Pork)

150822 Tacos El Gordo _ BH 01 It is interesting to see multiple stations but there was only one long line. Everyone was waiting in the line with Carne Asada and Chorizo. When I ordered my tacos I made sure to get everything on each one. They don’t have a salsa bar, instead they just add everything on for you (I get everything on them)

There was no line for my favorite. So while BH was in the long line, I jumped over to get an Adobada Taco. I was also able to pick up a Lengua Taco, although it was not his station, he got a Lengua Taco for me (that is in the next line with a short wait too).

150822 Tacos El Gordo _ BH 04

The beef is stewed in this big pot and when I order the Lengua (cow tongue) and the Cabeza (beef head), they just took out from the big pot and cut it up right there.

150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _10150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _08Lengua Taco (left) Cabeza Taco (right)

Eating cow tongue and cow head sounds somewhat exotic but I personally think that specific cuts of meat really do taste different. (It’s like that big craze on pork belly nowadays, I see pork belly on most menus now) The cow tongue has a somewhat chewy texture but it’s still meaty, when I think tongue I think of duck tongue and this is nothing like that. Where as the cow head is actually a very nice cut of beef, the meat is so soft and almost melts in your mouth (I’m mentally drooling right now).

150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _04150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _03Chorizo Taco (left) and Carne Asada Taco (right)

So we finally got our tacos in the long line were so very pretty. Each are topped with red salsa and lots of green guacamole. I didn’t think much for either one after biting into them though. The salsa and guacamole were my favorite parts of these tacos. The meat was fresh but I think I just wanted more of the other tacos. Though, BH really like the Carne Asada Taco.

150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _01150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _06Adobada Tacos

150822 Tacos El Gordo _ BH 09Another colorful taco, though the green sauce may look a little scary over the red spiced meat. This is actually what I was sort of making a bee line to get. There was no line, so I got it first not thinking about the fact that we were still in line to get the Carne Asada and Chorizo. So when we finally sat down to eat, our Adobada Tacos were cold.

BH and I still concluded that they were our favorite and deserved a second round. This time eaten fresh! I’ve been ordering Adobada at other taco shops, but I haven’t had any that even come close. Anyone have recommendations in San Diego?

The Adobada is actually on a big rotisserie thing and the guys shave it off directly onto the tortilla for you. It’s pretty awesome (It’s like getting a Mexican gyro).

Where do you go for Mexican food?

150822d Tacos El Gordo Chula Vista _07Tacos El Gordo
689 H Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910


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  1. One of the things I miss most about California…authentic Mexican food!

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