Rare Form Delicatessen Restaurant – East Village San Diego, CA

150828 Rare Form East Village _05

A few weeks ago, I went to the Stone Brewery Tap Room in East Village and made the wrong (I knew it was wrong) turn and walked into Rare Form Delicatessen Restaurant. We ended up going to the Stone Brewery Tap Room to refill our growler, but I did mention that I really wanted to come back to check our Rare Form.

So we were back a few weeks later. I had honestly completely forgotten but lucky for me BH remembered. The East Village downtown area is growing with more and more new restaurants this is practically at Petco Park, so it’s perfect to stop by when you’re heading to or from a baseball game (or stop by when there is no game to avoid the crowds).

150828 Rare Form East Village _07

The main entrance to the building is connected to the Stone Brewery Tap Room so when you walk in you turn left for Stone and turn right for Rare Form. And there is a sign telling you which way to turn. After walking inside, study the menu and then order at the counter.

150828 Rare Form East Village _09

We go the Rare From 44 Sandwich: pastrami, braised sauerkraut, swiss, special sauce on grilled rye. All sandwiches are served with house made kettle chips but we substituted it with fresh cut fries (an addition $1). BH and I each had half a sandwich.

150828 Rare Form East Village _11150828 Rare Form East Village _14

I really liked the thick cuts of pastrami in the fresh rye bread, and of course the sauerkraut and cheese helped with the salty meat.

The fries reminded me of In N Out fries with fancy seasoning. It has that “cardboard” taste that you get from In N Out and I like that. Is that weird?

150828 Rare Form East Village _16

We also got the Cured Selections: served with toast, pickled vegetables, mustard, and all of the Butchers specials.

I server walked away before I could ask her exactly what was on the board but here is my best guess after looking at the menu: house made seasonal sausage (I honestly have no idea what kind of sausage it was), chicken liver mousse, country pate terrine, another pate of some sort, and prosciutto.

150828 Rare Form East Village _19150828 Rare Form East Village _20

150828 Rare Form East Village _22We ended up just trying to figure out what was what. I guess that’s one thing about these boards when you just don’t really know what you’ve ordered.

My favorite was the chicken liver mousse. This is actually a very popular dish in Vietnamese food (Vietnamese sandwiches) and my Mom actually makes a pretty good one at home. I always try to make a point to try it at other restaurants to compare. This one was pretty good, it was creamy and actually had a pretty mild flavor to it. The color is very pink though, I wonder what they added to create that color.

Everything ended up being too much for just me and BH and as we continued eating, flavors started to blend and taste the same and it felt as though it was getting a little too salty for us. We ended up packing half of almost everything to eat later. We made some amazing sandwiches with some yummy cheese at home.

150828 Rare Form East Village _30

I heard that there is an upstairs that is pretty cool. I didn’t have a chance to check it out, but I guess that’ll be for my next visit. We should have tried some of their signature cocktails, but neither of us wanted to drink.

150828 Rare Form East Village _08

Rare Form
793 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101


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