Tap and Press – Hillcrest San Diego, CA

We were supposed to go to Lemonade in Hillcrest but when we got there it was closed for some remodeling. I’d been hearing all about this place that just opened (it’s originally from Los Angeles) with 2 brand new locations with San Diego in Hillcrest and UTC. I’ve been dieing to check it out! Anyways, of all days, that was the ONE day they were closed. So we headed to the next restaurant that I wanted to check out; Tap and Press on the corner of University Ave. and 6th in Hillcrest.

I first saw the sign for Tap and Press when I was heading home from Hillcrest. I really like Bruxie waffle sandwiches but that is all the way in the college area (east county-ish) so I was excited to see a waffle sandwich kind of place in Hillcrest.

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _06

When we arrived the place was barely opening for the day, it was barely 5pm. There were 2 people eating inside but no one else (not even a server or bartender), we waited a few minutes and someone finally showed up. You order everything with him at the bar and he’ll get it to us after we’re seated.

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _10

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _07This place looks like it would be perfect for groups with quite a few big tables inside. The patio area looks right out to the busy University Avenue in Hillcrest which may get a little noisy with buses stopping right in front but it’s a good people watching spot.

Like most beer places in San Diego nowadays, there a big board above the bar with a rather big selection of beer on tap (mostly local beers). It was a decent selection with some of the usual favorites and a few I’ve never heard of.

BH got a belgian from Mother Earth Brewing and I got a Pale Ale that he had just put on tap. I can’t remember where the Pale Ale was from (I just remembered that the name did not sound familiar).

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _13

As for the food, it’s all written up on another chalk board in near the bar. It’s a small selection but good enough. I got the “Castro” and BH got the “Hillcrest” waffle sandwich.

I was kind of surprised it came out in a little paper tray and at first bite I was even surprised it was a sweet waffle. It was like eating a dessert waffle topped with savory things. Reminds me of the Japanese sandwich crepes.

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _14150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _19

The Castro: blackforest ham, mojo pulled pork, swiss, beer mustard, house pickles.

I actually really like this sandwich. The salty meats, cheese, and amazing pickles balanced out the sweet waffle. It’s a bit messy to eat, but compared to the Hillcrest this one was easier to eat.

150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _15150901a Tap and Press Hillcrest _20

Castro: all natural chicken apple sausage, citrus cilantro slaw, and sriracha aioli.

This one was a little more disappointing. The sausages are cut in half inside the waffle sandwich and the second you pick it up they fall out. The little toothpick things that are there to hold everything together were kind of useless. The slaw was yummy but I didn’t taste any cilantro especially over the “sriracha aioli”. The sriracha aioli pretty much tasted like the spicy mayo sauce you get at sushi restaurants which is literally mayo and sriracha.

Overall this was a fun little place to check it out. It looks like a pretty new restaurant/bar in Hillcrest. I also spotted a few games, so it definitely would be a fun spot to hangout at. They also have trivia nights here.

Tap and Press
540 University Ave
San Diego, CA 9210


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