Pancakes on the Rocks Sydney

Sydney – Day 1 – Part 2

After doing the Sydney Bridge Climb, it was almost 1:30pm. We met up with Mom and Auntie and decided to go to Pancakes on the Rocks in the Rocks district.

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _18

I noticed that as we were driving into the “city” from the suburbs that the streets were pretty narrow and actually reminded me of Boston. My Auntie said the streets are narrow because there was no room for the roads to develop as more and more cars made there way into Sydney. The Rocks district is a historical area in the city. This is where Europeans had originally settled when they arrived in Australia.

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _20

I was a bit worried that there would be a long wait Pancake on the Rocks from several of the blogs I’ve read. To my surprise, there was no wait at all. To be exact there was no one there, but the place slowly filled up as we were eating. We ended up ordering everything to share so that we can each try a little bit of everything.

It’s called Pancakes on the Rocks, but we only ordered one pancake for dessert and one savory pancake and 3 savory crepes. Can crepes be considered pancakes?

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _07

I clearly remember ordering the potato pancake under the list of savory pancakes (and crepes) on the menu but I can’t find it on the menu listed on their website.

I was really expecting to see hash browns, but was surprised to see fluffy pancakes served with a little salad and hollandaise sauce on top. The flavors were very light and definitely needed the hollandaise sauce.

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _09150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _10

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _04150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _19

And after lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks, we walked the through The Rocks district for a little bit as we headed to the Circular Quay for views of the Sydney Bridge and then to the Sydney Opera House.

150907d Pancakes on the Rocks _25 _SH

Pancakes on the Rocks
4 Hickson Rd, The Rocks



  1. Gotta love pancakes, no matter where in the world! I was so amazed when I first time saw what huge variety of pancakes they got in China (okay, not the standard pancake we know from the West but still some forms of pancakes…) and how they are used in different dishes 🙂
    From the pictures and the description I would love to try out that place if I ever manage it to Sydney

    1. The only kind of Chinese pancake I can think of right now is the green onion pancake 蔥油餅, I’m sure there are so many other different types of pancakes to try all over the world.

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