Sydney Tower Buffet

Sydney Day 1 – Part 4

150907i Darling Harbour _02

I was originally going to go to the Sydney Tower Eye for a 360 view of Sydney or even going outside for the Skywalk, but my Auntie suggested that we have dinner at the top of the Sydney Tower. I didn’t even know they served dinner since the Sydney Tower website doesn’t list the buffet at all. After doing a few searches I finally found the

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _02I made reservations for 6 people directly on their website for dinner the next day at 6:30pm. And since it was a reservation for more then 5 people I had to pay AU$100 deposit. Parking at the Sydney Tower after 6pm is available for AU$15.

In the end I really did not need to make reservations since it was a Monday night and the place wasn’t even full. But I guess it was better safe then sorry right? But because I made the reservation the night before, the reservation was apparently never confirmed. I only received a PayPal receipt and no confirmation email, and since I was abroad I wasn’t exactly checking all of my emails. So when we were checking in, there was no record of my reservation. We went through a long ordeal of trying to figure out what was going on, and they finally checked us in. He subtracted the AU$100 that I paid via PayPal and charged me the difference. AU$69.50 for each person.

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _01 _SH From there we took what looked like a private elevator from the restaurant lobby (level 4 of the Westfield Shopping Center at the Sydney Tower) to the restaurant. The little elevator was an odd triangle shape that looked like it’s supposed to wrap abound the center of the building and felt like the slowest elevator I’ve ever been in for a tall building (or maybe in general).

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _15 _SH

View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Tower

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _16 _SH

Looking straight down from our table

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _17 _SH

What is fun about the Sydney Tower Buffet is that it’s a 360 buffet where you are getting uninterrupted revolving views of the city.

The seating is actually rotating and takes about 1.5 hours to make its way all the way around.

The salad bars (there are 2) actually moves along with us so that was a nice way for us to find our way back to our table. The actual hot foods and desserts don’t move and therefore you can easily get kind of lost as you are filling your plates with food.

As for the food, there was quite a selection.

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _03

The best part of buffet…the oysters. I always came back to my seat stopping by the salad bar to pick up an oyster or two. 

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _04150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _05

Other things things at the salad bar included a few other salads and little cheese and meat bar area.

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _06150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _07

Left picture: Emu sausages and Crocodile sausages. Right picture: pastas

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _08150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _10

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _11150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _12

A variety of hot foods served in small platters and there are plenty of people behind the mirrors refilling the dishes. As pictured above they served a number exotic meats such as emu, crocodile, and kangaroo. It was not as good as we expected it to be, different, is how I would describe it. Besides those hot dishes there wasn’t anything especially memorable.

I have to admit I’m not very good when it comes to buffets. With so many options, I often end up walking back with an empty plate because I can’t decide or nothing looks especially amazing to me.

150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _14150907l Sydney Tower Buffet _09

The dessert bar was pretty with lots of little desserts and platter of fresh cut fruit.

Overall, it was an experience really for the amazing view and company. Mom and Auntie wanted to splurge (豪一豪), because they had an amazing meal at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. Oysters were always plentiful. By the way, I finally got the reservation confirmation a few days later, I guess that’s just how long it took them to receive my deposit money via PayPal. I was not happy they made us sit aside while watching the dude honestly not know what to do.

Sydney Tower Buffet
Reception Level 4, Sydney Westfield Centre
Between Pitt & Castlereagh Streets
Sydney NSW 2000


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