Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Day 2 – Part 1

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _06 _SHWe talk about going to Australia one day all the time, but quite honestly was never really motivated to actually go (there are just so many other places to go to). But one motivating factor was my Auntie who is a pretty picky eater and after eating seafood in San Diego, she just made a face and said “we have better seafood in Sydney.” That is a challenge we accepted and decided to go to Sydney. First thing we did on day 2 was to go to the Sydney Fish Market.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _09

As we were driving into the parking lot, we could already smell the fish. The market is a single large building with several different shops and I would say at least 3 of them (Peters, Christies, and Nicholas Seafood) were pretty much all the same and they all had lots of sashimi, oysters, and live fish and crabs and lobsters. I don’t know if it was because I was super excited or whatever it was, I didn’t really notice the fishy smell after stepping inside. We ended up just getting a few things at a time, and just going back inside to buy more food as went.

ROUND 1 – Sushi and Oysters

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _17150908c Sydney Seafood Market _26

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _27We started at the Fish Market Cafe BBQ Grill. They served a lot of cooked seafood, mostly deep fried but there were a few things that did catch our attention. Sushi! At home, I am used to of seeing fancy California Rolls served with about 8 pieces at a time. Here, it’s one giant piece. For AU$2.25 each, we just picked out a few that looked yummy to us.

These guys are hard to share, so we each picked out a piece to eat.

Each piece was packed with plenty of seafood ranging from eel, to shrimp, to salmon, to fish roe. I wish I could remember exactly what each piece was.

Though we didn’t use them, our take away box of sushi also included a couple cute packets of soy sauce. I couldn’t help but to just stare at them.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _20150908c Sydney Seafood Market _25

For our first round of oysters we got these pretty oysters. Yes, I got them solely because they were pretty. These XL Seaweed Pacific Oysters were also topped with little bit of fish roe. The oysters were big and juicy and were actually balanced out with the seaweed and roe. The Pacific oysters were a bit too briny (salty) for me.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _48


We were sitting outside at one of the many picnic tables along the water, and this bird scared me by standing right next to. Yuntiha pointed at something next to me and when I turned around this guy was staring at me (probably waiting for me to drop some of my food, too bad I’m not sharing with it).  I screamed, and had all eyes on me for a few seconds. I noticed more of these birds throughout my trip usually hanging out around trashcans looking for food.

ROUND 2 – Oysters, and Oysters

For found 2, Yuntiha and I wandered through the market several times and couldn’t decide on what to get and where to get food from. We were both pretty overwhelmed and pretty indecisive.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _10150908c Sydney Seafood Market _59 _TH

We did see some amazing Alaskan crab legs (standing out) and a big metal tub full of Mud Crabs (Auntie ordered this for us at Dinner the previous night, no blog post) and that was really good.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _33150908c Sydney Seafood Market _39150908c Sydney Seafood Market _45

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _36Sydney Rock Oysters! These oysters are actually much much smaller then the Pacific Oysters (which is also found in California) but also much sweeter. After picking up a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters from Peter’s we found some Jumbo Pacific Oysters for AU$5 each from Nicholas’. We just couldn’t resist seeing how big they are.

You can see the difference in size in the top left picture. And once again, we all came up with the same conclusion. Sydney Rock Oysters taste better. So size really doesn’t matter.

I originally wanted to get oysters from Christies because they had a bigger variety of oysters, but there was a big tour group arriving and they were all hanging out at Christies. Though they do have a bigger variety it was more like a variety of different places the oysters are from it’s still either a Pacific Oyster or a Sydney Rock Oyster.

Round 3 – Abalone and Shrimp

We sent Mom and Yuntiha out to select more food.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _30 _TH

And when they came back they were showing off the picture of this giant crab. A family of 12 people were buying this giant King Crab: 8.99kg for AU$1238.93 (AU$139/kg)! Woah….

Anyways, it was just a picture. They didn’t bring back the crab or any crab…

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _53150908c Sydney Seafood Market _52

For round 3 we got 0.5kg of cooked King Prawns. I usually don’t care for prawns because I don’t like peeling shrimp, unless I’m ready to be eating finger food and getting my hands all messy. At the Sydney Seafood Market, my Dad peeled all of the shrimp for me. I love that each shrimp was actually crunchy!?

And then they got a couple whole abalones from Christies (cooked food section). These abalones were topped with a light soy sauce of some sort and seaweed. I thought this was ok, but I would prefer some more raw foods.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _55

ROUND 4 – Salmon Sashimi and Squid Sashimi

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _60150908c Sydney Seafood Market _65

Then we picked up some salmon sashimi. There are plenty of places with trays of sashimi ready for you to pick up, but we ended up waiting at Nicholas’ for a fresh slab of salmon sashimi. No, we didn’t get the whole slab though. We actually didn’t know how much to get, so the girl asked us how many people this was going to be for (we said 4) and she cut it up for us right there. We ended up getting about 0.4kg of salmon sashimi for about AU$20.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _67150908c Sydney Seafood Market _68

We were actually looking for octopus sashimi but didn’t see any there (it was right in front of us, we just somehow managed to over look it) so we go squid sashimi instead. It tasted pretty fresh, but it wasn’t anything all that special.

 ROUND 5 – Ice Cream

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _78

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _76I remember reading about some ice cream sandwiches in several blogs and knew that I had to find this place. From what I remember, the blog just said that it was a little ice cream refrigerator. I was worried it was going to be hard to find.

It was a little further inside of the Sydney Fish Market at Black Wattle Deli where they served fresh bread and lots of cheese.

Anyways, their ice cream sandwich is basically a big chunk of ice cream sandwiched between 2 cookies, like Diddy Riese (near UCLA). They say it’s all freshly made with no preservatives etc, but it is nicely packaged and available in their little custom freezer. And look immaculately perfect.

I had my reservations since my experiences with ice cream (cookie) sandwiches are usually with fresh warm cookies. And for AU$5.80 (about US$4) each it’s a bit expensive.

150908c Sydney Seafood Market _80150908c Sydney Seafood Market _81

I ended up getting 2 for everyone to try. Double Chocolate: (“A flavour so nice we used it twice.” -Pat and Stick’s) Belgian chocolate meets choc-fudge. Double Chocolate was for Yuntiha and Auntie because Yuntiha doesn’t really eat desserts, but she’ll actually eat chocolate as long as it’s not too sweet. This one was actually perfect and not too sweet at all. Auntie who is a picky eater really like the Double Chocolate as well. When we walked by a little store on Degraves Lane in Melbourne, Auntie actually stopped me to get more ice cream.

I also got the Espresso Lace: a dallop of creamy espresso served with almond lace cookies. I honestly don’t know what almond lace is but it was really good. I got this same flavor again in Melbourne. I know, I should have tried other flavors but I really liked this one…well…I didn’t taste much espresso though.

Check out their website: for a list of where you can find Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches throughout Australia (and Singapore). They also have an awesome video about them and how they make their ice cream sandwiches (made me want some, too bad I’m not in Australia anymore).

Sydney Fish Market
37 Pyrmont St.
Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia



  1. This fish market looks so much more amazing than what I am used to from Germany and Finland :p

  2. I’m seriously missing Sydney while reading your posts!

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