Bondi Beach: Just to get our feet wet

Sydney Day 2 – Part 2

150908e Bondi Beach _12

After filling our tummies with lots of seafood from the Sydney Fish Market we headed east to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is an iconic Sydney beach known for its turquoise waters, perfect waves (for surfing), and a 1 km stretch of golden sand.

150908e Bondi Beach _05

There were some people out on the beach that day, but we had no intention of really spending much time on the beach. Yuntiha doesn’t really like the combination of sand and water. So I wanted to go to say I’ve been and really just to see the famous Australian Beaches. I picked out a couple beaches I wanted to see and my Auntie took to both; first beach was Bondi.

150908e Bondi Beach _09150908e Bondi Beach _11

After parking our car in front of the skate park (and took in some of the ocean views), we walked along the boardwalk. And what I was not expecting to see were some amazing graffiti walls. These walls are actually managed by the city (Waverley Council) and people from all of over the world apply for a spot.

150908e Bondi Beach _14 _TH150908e Bondi Beach _15

150908e Bondi Beach _17 (1)

We had a little bit of fun taking pictures of (with) the graffiti walls.

150908e Bondi Beach _18 _SH150908e Bondi Beach _19 _SH

And look at how realistic these animals were! Yuntiha found a friend…

150908e Bondi Beach _21 _SH150908e Bondi Beach _22 _TH

The beach was amazingly clean. San Diego beaches often have seaweed along the coast, but I didn’t see any of that along the “golden sand”.

150908e Bondi Beach _33150908e Bondi Beach _39 _SH

Then I finally talked my Mom into taking our shoes off and stepping onto the beach just get out feet wet. The weather was really nice that day, but not quite hot enough for me to want to play in the water. Thanks to Dad who got some pretty cute pictures of me and Mom playing in the water.

150908e Bondi Beach _42150908e Bondi Beach _41150908e Bondi Beach _44

Here are the selfies I actually took.

150908e Bondi Beach _46150908e Bondi Beach _50150908e Bondi Beach _29 _SH

There was definitely quite a bit to do at Bondi Beach other then just hanging out at the beach, swimming, surfing, sun bathing. the Bondi Pavilion had a few eateries and an ice cream shop to just chill at. There is also a coastal walk that goes from Bondi beach to Congee Beach that is supposed to be amazing. If I had a full day for these two beaches I would have gone on this walk.

150908e Bondi Beach _54

Or if only we were in Sydney over the weekend! The Festival of the Winds was on September 13, 2015!

From Bondi we headed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Luna Park (which was closed but has a nice view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House) and then to Manly Beach.


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  1. Hey, great post and lovely photos. Look like you had a really good time on Bondi. We’ll be there in a couple of weeks as part of our JWalking trip ( so will take a few of the tips and comments you’ve made. Brilliant.

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