Luna Park Sydney was closed but check out the View!

150908g Luna Park View _14 _SHSydney Day 2 – Part 3

After getting our feet wet at Bondi Beach, we headed north across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Northern Beaches. But before going to another beach, we stopped at Luna Park. We were overlooking Luna Park from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, saw what was in the park (didn’t look like much and looked pretty small), and decided we just wanted to check out the entrance because it looked interesting.

Luna Park Sydney is only opened Friday to Monday (Closed Tuesday – Thursday). Tickets are sold depending on your height and rides you are planning to go on. The rides and everything there seems very similar to Belmont Park or the County Fair in San Diego. There is also a Luna Park Melbourne and Luna Parks all over the world (not under the same franchise though).

Interesting fact: The location of Luna Park was originally used during the building of the Sydney Harbour bridge. People that lived in the area complained that it was too noisy and when the bridge was complete the city decided to turn the area into a recreational space and is now Luna Park. Residence still complain it is too noisy.

150908g Luna Park View _02

The view was what we were actually looking for. Located at Milsons Point on the Sydney Harbour we were pretty much standing at the foot of the northern end of the Sydney Bridge.

150908g Luna Park View _18 _SH

And then under the bridge is the Sydney Opera House.

150908g Luna Park View _05150908g Luna Park View _19 _SH

It was actually a different view of the Sydney opera house.

150908g Luna Park View _20150908g Luna Park View _21

And since Auntie was in the car waiting for us, we pulled out the selfie stick and snapped a couple family selfie pictures.

150908g Luna Park View _07150908g Luna Park View _08

At the Luna Park entrance is also the Olympic Pool North Sydney. No, it’s not where the 2000 olympic swimming took place but it part of a fitness complex with heated pools and a nice view of the Sydney Harbour.

150908g Luna Park View _23


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