Manly Beach: Christmas Trees at the Beach?

Sydney Day 2 – Part 3

After a quick stop for pictures outside of Luna Park, we continued on towards Manly Beach. We were basically getting the famous Sydney beaches checked off of our things to do and see list in Sydney.

When I asked what the biggest difference between Bondi and Manly Beach, Auntie said it was the trees. There are a lot more trees along the coast at Manly Beach. I didn’t really understand what she meant by that, I was just assuming there would be lots of palm trees or something.

150908h Manly Beach _01

As we approached Manly Beach, it didn’t really feel like we were heading towards a beach more like driving through a small town in the mountains or something. The streets and the beach are lined with a tree called Norfolk Island Pine Tree or Star Pine or Triangle Tree or Living Christmas Tree.

In a way seeing Christmas Trees at the beach was very fitting to Australia.

150908h Manly Beach _16150908h Manly Beach _20

150908h Manly Beach _19 _SHIt’s as if I haven’t been to the beach if I didn’t touch the water or sand (to me), so Mom and I took off our shoes and made our way to the water.

We too a few selfies, played in the waves for a few minutes and almost got my jeans all wet. I wasn’t exactly dressed for the beach (though I knew I was going to the beach…smart me.) And then we made our way back to our shoes and of course to Dad, Yuntiha, and Auntie who were graciously watching our shoes for us.

150908h Manly Beach _05I thought it was just a joke, Manly Beach is named Manly because that’s where you’ll find some “manly” men? According to wiki that is exactly why it was named Manly. The beach was named by Capt. Arthur Phillip for the indigenous people living there. Philip wrote that “[the indigenous people’s] confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place”

150908h Manly Beach _25

We didn’t spend much time at Manly Beach, we just walked along the beach (on the sidewalk not the sand), watched people play volleyball, families walking along the beach, and people exercising before heading back to the suburbs for dinner. It was actually a pretty long drive back. There is also a fairy that takes your circular quay which takes about 15 minutes, I think that would have been a nice way to take in the views and getting to Manly Beach (might have to try that next time).

150908h Manly Beach _24150908h Manly Beach _26


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  1. The ferry ride is very pleasant, quick & convenient. You’d pass the Opera House and Bridge on way to Manly.

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