(World Famous) Taronga Zoo Sydney

Sydney Day 3 – Part 1

Before leaving for Australia, Yuntiha and I went back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to go to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. We have season passes to the World Famous San Diego Zoo at home, do we need to or even want to go to another zoo that may or may not be as good as our own zoo?

After doing a little bit of research, I found several lists of the “best zoo’s around the world” and both Taronga Zoo and San Diego Zoo were on all of those lists (like this one from hopper.com). We decided to go to the zoo.

150909c Ferry to Taronga Zoo _014150909c Ferry to Taronga Zoo _021

Auntie themed the day our public transportation day because we took the train to the city, the ferry to and from the zoo, the light rail to Chinatown, and then the train back the suburbs with a single MyMulti ticket which allows us to unlimited rides on any Sydney train, bus, light rial, and ferry. Our adult DayPass cost us AU$24 each. More MyMulti ticket info.

150909d Taronga Zoo _001

With our MyMulti DayPass we hopped on the next available ferry to Taronga Zoo. I do recommend that you buy your zoo tickets at the ferry terminal so that you can take the Sky Safari to the entrance, if not, you just have to take the bus (which goes all the way around the perimeter of Taronga Zoo to the entrance; that’s what we did.

After finally getting our tickets at the main entrance (AU$46/person), we walked through the Koala exhibit. There were 2 koalas, both very high in the trees and not very easy to spot. I was a bit disappointed by that because the Koala exhibit in San Diego is amazing (and possible the best you can get outside of Australia).

150909d Taronga Zoo _028 _SH

We continued on into the reptile exhibit and ended up walking right into a keeper talk and even got to pet a snake and a lizard.

150909d Taronga Zoo _033 _SH150909d Taronga Zoo _034

When we walked out of the reptile exhibit, we were greeted by an amazing view of Sydney. And this was where I was impressed, the giraffes at Taronga Zoo Sydney have an amazing view of the Sydney Harbour on a regular basis. And also made for some pretty good pictures for us.

150909d Taronga Zoo _060 _SH150909d Taronga Zoo _070 _SH

After having a quick lunch at the Taronga Food Market, I wanted to watch the Seal Show but we had to wait a little over an hour for the next show so we walked through the Seal Walk where I was more impressed with the view then the animals. You see the shadow (or it seemed like the shadow) of sharks, pretty blue aquarium tanks but no animals, 1 penguin, and a couple seals resting in the sun.

150909d Taronga Zoo _084

Then we went backtracked a little to go see the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). This was were Yuntiha was impressed because she was super excited to have good views of the lions and tigers.

150909d Taronga Zoo _099150909d Taronga Zoo _178

Ok, it was finally time to go see watch the seal show. I haven’t seen a seal show since the last time I was at Sea World in San Diego at least 5 years ago. And we don’t have seals at the San Diego Zoo because we have Sea World. The show was very informational and all about California Seals. These are actually the same kind of seals that hang out at La Jolla Beach. Never the less, it was fun watching these guys jump and swim and dive and splash.

150909d Taronga Zoo _187150909d Taronga Zoo _194

And then we headed to the other side of the zoo where you can find the native Australian animals. By the time we made to this end of the zoo, we were getting tired (and I guess I wasn’t looking at the map anymore) and pretty much just started walking toward the exit. I later realized we missed the palatapus and koalas (they have more koalas).

150909d Taronga Zoo _042 _SH

150909e Ferry and Lightrail to Chinatown _011Instead of taking the bus back to the ferry terminal, we took the sky safari which is a much more direct way to get in and out of the zoo. Plus the sky safari cuts through the center of the zoo (much like the San Diego Zoo). We were given the option of making a round trip and pretty much taking the sky safari 3 times or just once to the ferry, I decided to just take it once. I was ready to do something else.

We took the ferry back to Circular Quay, hopped onto the next train to Sydney Central Railway Station, then took the Light Rail to Chinatown.

Sorry for taking such a long time to get back on track with my Australia posts. Auntie has been asking for my posts and life just got in the way… I’m actually working on a photo book to have a hard copy of the pictures and memories of Australia, work is picking up, and I actually just got back from a little weekend trip to Las Vegas. I’m not going to post anything from Las Vegas because I decided to stay off line and off my camera in Las Vegas.


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