Soft Serve Ice Cream on a Cloud of Sugar from Aqua S – Sydney CBD

150909g Aqua S Ice Cream _04I read a lot of food blogs before leaving for Australia, but I realized that when I arrived I couldn’t remember very many of the many places I wanted to eat at. Lucky for me my Auntie had a few places up her sleeve.

She lead us (like little baby chicks following mommy duck) through Sydney looking for Aqua S Soft Serve because 1) she knows I love ice cream and 2) this place has been recommended to her by a lot of people.

I kind of blindly followed her inside and just stood their staring at the menu displayed on a few tv screens above the counter. I couldn’t quite decide on what to get and how much to get since we had just finished a really big dinner (Home Thai Restaurant Sussex Street) and actually had dessert already.

I caved though, and ordered a cone with all of the toppings. Might as well go all the way and try it all.

150909g Aqua S Ice Cream _01Step One: choosing ice cream flavor

Sea Salt with English Breakfast Tea.

The Sea Salt Soft Serve is their signature flavor with their really pretty blue color (perfect for pictures). They interchange 2 other flavors and of course the Sea Salt can be served with any of their seasonal flavors.

Step Two: Cone or Cup?


I was reluctant to get a cone, I would usually get a cup because I’m not a fan of getting my hands all sticky from the ice cream, but it’s just so much prettier with a cone. It’s also not your average wafer cone, I don’t remember what really made it different and if it’s some sort of flavor but it a black cone. Doesn’t sound all that appetizing but it actually pretty all together.

150909g Aqua S Ice Cream _02Step Three: Any Toppings?

All Toppings!

You can choose from no toppings, 1 topping, 2 toppings, or all toppings. Their are 4 toppings: fairy floss (cotton candy), swee popcorn, popping candy (pop rocks), and a grilled marshmallow on a chocolate straw.

I was so excited to eat my ice cream, I forgot to take pictures. They actually have a really cute “cloud” wall inside ready for you take amazing Instagram pictures. Check out everyone else’s Instagram pictures here.  I got a quick snap and ate all of my ice cream before boarding the train to head back to my Aunties house in the suburbs.

Overall, I had a lot of fun! The cotton candy kept my hand kind of clean from any melting soft serve ice cream. I could have gone without the rest of the toppings, but they made it look so pretty.

As for the actual soft serve, it was perfectly creamy. I grew going to McDonalds for vanilla soft serve ice cream and oddly this brought me back to that. But of course to another level with some yummy flavors. Now, I just need to find something similar here in SoCal…I’m sure there is something nearby right?

Aqua S (Sydney CBD)
Shop 27, 501 George Street Regent Place
Sydney NSW 2000


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