Road Trip! Sydney to Melbourne …it’s 8 hrs on the road…and Vietnamese Food

Melbourne – Day 1

150910b Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne _12

Road Trip! Did you know Australia is huge?! I had an idea, but it didn’t really hit ’til the day I started planning for Australia knowing that we wanted to go to both Sydney and Melbourne and even the rest of Australia (in 2 weeks). Obviously, it’s not realistic to see all of Australia in 2 weeks.

150910b Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne _01

We arrived in Australia on Sunday and left Australia 2 Sundays later. I planned to go to Melbourne sometime in the middle so that we had a whole weekend open in Melbourne to visit family and friends. It’s only a 1 hour flight from Sydney to Melbourne, but Auntie volunteered to drive instead, so a road trip it is!

150910b Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne _20

It’s a pretty easy drive. Just take the Humes Highway (Motorway/Freeway) from Sydney to Melbourne. You don’t really cut through any cities on the way so it really is a straight drive from city to city.

150910b Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne _08150910b Roadtrip Sydney to Melbourne _17

There really wasn’t much on the road to see but the little along the Highway was absolutely beautiful. It was so green almost all the way to Melbourne (and back). The livestock on the side of the highway also kept us quite entertained. I was like a little kid in the car yelling out “yang yang yang” (“sheep sheep sheep”) or “niu niu niu” (“cow cow cow”) every time we drove by.

Rest Stop

150910a Cabramatta 24hr Sandwich Shop _06

We picked up Vietnamese sandwiches early in the morning and had that ready for lunch.

We stopped at a rest stop to fill up our gas tank and then parked at a little picnic area and added vegetables on our sandwiches.

150910a Cabramatta 24hr Sandwich Shop _01

The sandwich shop is a little sandwich shop opened 24/7

First Dinner in Melbourne

Vinh Ky Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant
114 Victoria Street
Richmond, Melbourne, VIC

When we finally arrived in Melbourne, we actually stopped in Sunshine to Auntie’s friends house because she had to drop off something to them and of course see her friends. We ended up spending a few hours there before finally checking in at our Airbnb apartment in Southbank near the Casino, then we headed out for dinner.

150910c Vinh Ky Restaurant _08

I honestly just really wanted to chill at our apartment before going back out again, but the food did a pretty good job motivating me.

150910c Vinh Ky Restaurant _05150910c Vinh Ky Restaurant _06

We went to Vin-Ky Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond, Melbourne. I liked that it said Chinese & Vietnamese, I automatically assumed that it will be like family home cooking (my family is of Chinese descent but from Vietnam so we eat ‘fusion’ dishes all the time).

150910c Vinh Ky Restaurant _03

That was exactly what we got. Aunties friend did all of the ordering. Everything was family style and pretty good. But my favorite of the night was the appetizer. He ordered 2 dumplings per person and I think I would have been happy with just the dumplings.

Our Home in Melbourne

And then we were finally home after dinner (finally time to rest after a long day on the road).

We booked a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment in the Southbank area mainly because it was walking distance to CBD, with free parking (since we drove from Sydney) and it has 2-bathrooms. Melbourne Tower Apartment

And that was a long day of honestly not doing much. Day-2 in Melbourne we joined a tour to Philip Island! But before I continue on with my Australia trip in Melbourne and Sydney, I’m going to share a few things from Portland, OR and Los Angeles!



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