Beer: Widmer Brothers Brewery & Ecliptic Brewing (Portland, OR: Day 1 Part 2)

Day 1 – Part 2

It was quite a long day already. We flew from San Diego to Portland, ate a lot of sushi at Sushi Ichiban, stepped into China at the Lan Su Chinese Garden, waited in line in the rain for Voodoo Doughnuts, and then did a little bit of shopping.

We hopped back onto the light rail headed toward our Airbnb cottage, and stopped to get some beer and more beer, (before finally making to a late but nice dinner).

Portland is one of the best beer cities in the US, and we just had to make sure we visited a couple breweries during our short weekend trip in Portland. We ended up going to Widmer Brothers Brewing and Ecliptic Brewing.

Widmer Brothers Brewery

151107g Widmer Brothers Brewery (10)

BH had ONE request and absolutely had to go to ONE place in Portland. We saw the brewery from the light rail and only knew where to get off. We wandered down a couple streets trying to find the tasting room. We failed.

Instead we walked into the restaurant. We were not hungry, just wanted beer (plus that makes me pretty full). After finally getting seated, we ordered a flight of beers as we waited for BH’s friend.

  • Okto
  • Fresh Strawberry Saison
  • Let ‘er Rip ‘Merican Pale Ale
  • PDX Pils
  • Err Apparent Vienna Lager
  • Learning Curve #1 Imperial IPA

When his friend arrived, we ordered another round of beer. He told us, that you can’t really find any tasting rooms (like the tasting rooms in San Diego) because breweries have to serve food.

Ecliptic Brewing

BH’s friend recommended another brewery “just down the street,” so we finished our round of beer and headed to Ecliptic Brewing for another round of beer.

He drove us to the Ecliptic Brewing because it’s down the street only if you drive.

Then he drove us back to our place for us to rest and get ready for a really late dinner. Dinner reservations at 9pm. All because I made reservations when we arrived in Portland, and 9pm was the only available time for that night.


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