Brunch at Sweedeedee North Portland Cafe (Portland, OR: Day 2 Part 1)

Portland, OR Day 2 – Part 1

Sweedeedee North Portland Cafe
Serving pie, coffee, breakfast, & lunch.
5202 N. Albina Ave.
Portland, OR. 97217

151108a Sweedeedee (20)

151108a Sweedeedee (5)

151108a Sweedeedee (14)We started day 2 by walking from our Airbnb apartment just a couple blocks from N Prescott St MAX Station to Sweedeedee for brunch (another recommended place). According to google maps, it was going to be a 0.7mile (15-17 minute) walk. It took us a little longer since we had some trouble finding directions and figuring out which way to walk. At least it was really pretty walk outside (and it wasn’t raining).

When we finally got there, we had to wait another 15 minutes to get a table. You go in, order your food then wait for a table. It’s super small inside and actually got really stuffy for me, so I sat outside waiting while Sebas, V, and BH ordered our food etc.

151108a Sweedeedee (17)

By the time we were seated, we had already ordered our food. So we just enjoyed the view out the window from our corner table. The picture at the top of this post was actually our view.

151108a Sweedeedee (23)

V ordered a bowl of soup which which is listed on their pretty menu sign behind the counter, which means it changes all the time. On that particular day it was a Butternut Squash Dumpling Soup with Leek and Chard (not sure what kind of chard). Whenever I think of butternut squash soup I think of a creamy type of soup so I was surprised to see that it was not a creamy soup.

151108a Sweedeedee (24)

I ordered the Potato Plate: served with baked egg, house smoked trout, salsa verde, and toast. I saw quite a few pictures of this on yelp and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with the smoked trout and was pleasantly surprised that the trout was really tasty.

The baked egg was a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. I am super jealous! I need to be able to make my eggs like that at home.

151108a Sweedeedee (25)151108a Sweedeedee (27)

Sebas and BH both ordered the Corncakes: served with 2 baked eggs, bacon, braised greens, and maple syrup. I was a little sad that they ordered the same thing cause that meant that I had 1 less item on the menu to try.

Of course both guys got their perfectly cooked baked eggs as well. I tried a little bit of the corncakes (but it wasn’t very memorable for me). But my absolute favorite item on the plate was the braised greens. I ended up eating a whole portion of the braised greens (half from Sebas and half from BH).

According to Sebas: “Being that this was my first time eating corn pancakes. I was a bit skeptical about  how they would taste. When I saw them, I notice they would not be as fluffy as you regular pancakes. But, once I paired it with the bacon. It was great! The taste of both complemented each other”

151108a Sweedeedee (28)151108a Sweedeedee (30)

The coffee mugs were all pretty unique and apparently all were handmade. When I went to the bathroom before leaving, I noticed that the cups were also for sale. I’m sure the ones for sale were not used. I liked the red and white one my coffee was served in.

151108a Sweedeedee (29)151108a Sweedeedee (32)

As you can see the restaurant is quite small, cute, and had some unique breakfast/brunch food. It was a good thing that came out of getting a place in North Portland.

151108a Sweedeedee (16)



  1. Looks delicious

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