Pho Mekong Vietnam: Chinatown Melbourne

Melbourne – Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 in Melbourne was our first full day in Melbourne and actually one of the longest days on the trip. We started the day relatively early and walked to Chinatown to look for breakfast. We walked along Little Bourke Street and realized that nothing was opened yet.

It was kind of nice to see the empty Chinatown street, but we were getting hungry! Auntie called her friend and asked if there is anything opened and he recommended Pho Mekong Vietnam.

150911d Mekong Vietnam _05


As we walked back along Little Bourke Street, to Swanstan Street to Pho Mekong Vietnam I realized that this place looked really familiar. I’ve seen this place on quite a few blogs when I was doing my research before this trip.

150911d Mekong Vietnam _01

The name Pho Mekong Vietnam is hanging on inside the front window with colorful flashing lights and above that is a somewhat old looking almost hand written Chinese writing saying “Mekong Beef Noodle House: Authentic Vietnamese Beef and Chicken Noodles”.

150911d Mekong Vietnam _02

We were hungry, so we didn’t spend too much time looking at of the signs. But not before noticing a sign that says, “President Bill Clinton Had 2 Bowls How Many Can You Have…” haha~ How different (or better?) can the pho in Australia be compared to what we get in the US?

150911d Mekong Vietnam _06150911d Mekong Vietnam _07

There are lots of old blown up pictures of celebrities hanging all along the walls above the big mirrors that line the walls in the little restaurant. How many celebrities can you recognize? I wonder if they will be updating any of these images with some more recent people or pictures?

150911d Mekong Vietnam _04

150911d Mekong Vietnam _09

I almost always order the same thing: Pho Chin Nam (cooked beef steak and beef brisket) but I was told that I should try the Pho Tai Nam (raw beef steak and beef brisket) instead. I usually get the cooked beef because I always found the raw beef steak being too tough when it’s finally all cooked in my soup. Auntie reassured me and said that this is nothing like the beef I am used to of eating at home.

150911d Mekong Vietnam _10

150911d Mekong Vietnam _11

And since it was still rather early in the day, I ordered an Iced Vietnamese Coffee to start the day. It’s definitely always a good pick me up since it’s a strong (very caffeinated) drip coffee, lots of condensed milk and ice.

150911d Mekong Vietnam _08So I listened to her and did not regret it. The beef really was really really good!

By the way, I found it so interesting to see a whole tub of onions on the table ready for you to add to your pho. I’ve never seen that before, but this is perfect for those who always add onions to their pho.

Pho Mekong Vietname
241 Swanston St,
Melbourne VIC 3000



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