Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

Melbourne – Day 3 – Part 1

We walked to CBD area to hop onto the Free Tram Zone which includes the area from the iconic Queen Victoria Market, across to Victoria Harbour in Docklands, up to Spring Street and over to Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. We went from Federation Square to Queen Victoria Market.

Melbourne City Circle – 35 (Free Tourist Tram)

150912c Queen Victoria Market _36

The Queen Victoria Market (also known as the Queen Vic Markets or theQueen Vic, and locally as ‘”Vic Market”‘) is a major landmark in Melbourne, and at around seven hectares (17 acres) is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere…The Queen Victoria Market is the only surviving 19th century market in the Melbourne central business district. (Source: Wiki)

Meat & Fish Hall

150912c Queen Victoria Market _02

From front of this building, we walked directly into the meat & fish hall where there are lots of people doing their grocery shopping.

150912c Queen Victoria Market _25150912c Queen Victoria Market _22

There are a couple rows of different meat and fish stalls that look rather similar to me. Most of them looking very pretty and much more like a modern grocery store. There are some amazing cuts of meat that look rather amazing. I don’t know why but, the pink raw meat looks really pretty to me. (Am I weird?)

150912c Queen Victoria Market _32150912c Queen Victoria Market _31

The seafood section was just as amazing with a rather large variety. Though I don’t think it was as amazing as the Sydney Fish Market.

150912c Queen Victoria Market _29 _SH150912c Queen Victoria Market _35

Uncle J got us a dozen of raw oysters for us to snack on. He got us the Coffin Bay Oysters (Pacific Oysters) for us to try. He wanted us to compare these to The Rock Oysters that he is used to of getting in Sydney. We concluded that the Rock Oysters are smaller then the Pacific Oysters (that’s also what we have in Southern California) and not as briny (taste like the ocean).

Spanish Gourmet Caterers

150912c Queen Victoria Market _03150912c Queen Victoria Market _08

We then headed outside and came across a food stall that was barely opened serving paella. Uncle J ordered the seafood paella for us to try. It took a while since the paella wasn’t quite ready yet, but it was worth the wait.

150912c Queen Victoria Market _10150912c Queen Victoria Market _11

We ate it steaming hot! Almost a little too hot to even hold. Uncle J said the quality of the ingredients are top notch! I guess it better be since we are at a market with a lot of top notch ingredients.

Fruits & Vegetables

150912c Queen Victoria Market _15

150912c Queen Victoria Market _14We wandered through a few souvenir ‘precincts’ but didn’t buy anything. Auntie kept saying things in Sydney are cheaper. She promised us that we would have time in Sydney shop for souvenirs.

The fruits and vegetables were located in a couple covered outdoor tents. It was quite crowded with locals and tourists alike.

Fruits would be an easy thing for tourists to get and snack on. Some items are even ready cut and ready to eat.

Everything looked so fresh and yummy! We didn’t get anything. We were kind of full from the oysters and paella, and actually were planning to go get lunch in Chinatown soon.

I personally really like seeing all of the cables above us throughout Melbourne! What do you think?

150912c Queen Victoria Market _39 _SH


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