The Laneways of CBD Melbourne

Melbourne – Day 3 – Part 4

Laneways are the (not) scary, (not) ugly, (not) dirty back alley ways of Melbourne. Between the buildings are many (often cobblestone) laneways and lots of graffiti.

Without even knowing it, you’ll notice these laneways throughout the CBD (or not). I basically noticed that the sides of many buildings have some sort of spray painted art.

It’s nice to see graffiti as an art form and not walls that are tagged. No, you can’t just walk up to any wall in Melbourne and start spray painting though. Artists actually have to apply to paint on specific sections of buildings and walls.

Although you can find the street art throughout CBD Melbourne, there are a few laneways that seem to be dedicated for the art! We explored a couple of them as we went on our afternoon walk.

Hosier Lane
150912g Melbourne CBD _17 _SH

150912g Melbourne CBD _09150912g Melbourne CBD _16

Hosier Lane is located just off of Federation Square is possibly the most popular laneway.

150912g Melbourne CBD _06

It runs from Flanders Street (that’s the street Federation Square is located on) to Flanders Lane. And from either direction you’re greeted with some tall and modern buildings.

150912g Melbourne CBD _13

150912g Melbourne CBD _36 (1)

When we walked into Hosier Lane, there were lots of people with their cell phones and cameras out. And quite a few people were dressed quite nicely and when we looped by to Hosier Lane we saw a wedding party taking their wedding pictures here. I’m sure those pictures look amazing.

150912g Melbourne CBD _12150912g Melbourne CBD _08 _SH

It really is an ever changing laneway with artists putting up new creations all the time. It’s awesome to see the art work being done. I’ve seen a few graffiti artists paint and it really does take skills to precisely create something from a spray can instead of a paint brush. Though the fumes are a bit of nuisance.

Version 2

AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Lane

150912g Melbourne CBD _19

When we hit Flanders Lane, we turned right and walked a couple blocks to AC/DC Lane. I actually enjoyed this laneway a lot more. AC/DC Lane is hard to miss. The big purple piano monster dude is staring at you and asking you to checkout the rest of the laneway.

150912g Melbourne CBD _22 _SH150912g Melbourne CBD _23 _SH

I read that this street was renamed to be ACDC Lane or AC/DC Lane in 2004 and is actually named after the rock band ACDC.

This laneway is not as crowded as Hosier Lane, wider then Hosier Lane, and I actually liked these paintings a little better. From the purple monster, to the rock and roll girl (scout?), to the the Starwars dude, etc.


150912g Melbourne CBD _28 _SH150912g Melbourne CBD _33

At the end of AC/DC Lane there is a cute little restaurant. I looked it up for this blog and found that it is a cute little Peruvian restaurant called Pastuso. But what really caught my attention was this awesome (reminds me of a tattoo) Melbourne piece of art. And I had actually come across @Steen_Jones in Sydney too! Check out his mural at Bondi Beach in Sydney! I actually had to double check the images before realizing it was the same artist!

The other cool thing was the black and white lion and roses on the the building just beyone the Steen Jones painting (or am I supposed to call these a mural?). The personally really enjoyed seeing both of these pieces  standing next to each other. It really felt as though they are supposed to be next to each other. (created with on another in mind?)

150912g Melbourne CBD _29 _SH

150912g Melbourne CBD _34 _TH

And then we continued onto Duckboard Pl. and saw a few more mural before finally ending up back onto Flinders Lane.


150912g Melbourne CBD _35

There are so many more laneways to explore in Melbourne! And so many more talented artists to be discovered. I really wish I had more time in Melbourne to really explore every nook and cranny. This city never seized to surprise me.

Next time, I will go explore the arcades…no not the arcades where you get to play games at, but the arcade where you can shop at. Doesn’t that sound cooler (I know V would be a little more interested in exploring that with me)? Too bad, I didn’t have the time (or honestly the energy). I will be back Melbourne. But the rest of the time, I headed the casino (sorry not going to blog about that), Degraves Lane, Eureka Tower, Docklands, and Brighton Beach.



  1. eatmyfeelings · · Reply

    If you get a chance to go to Pastuso it’s wonderful, the food is very flavourful, lots of fish!

    1. I’m sold knowing they serve lots of fish!

      1. eatmyfeelings · ·

        It’s ceviche, so mostly raw with intense marinades.. you can also get alpaca tartare!

  2. The purple monster looks cool. It looks like an orangutans with piano teeth

    1. Orangutan! That’s the animal I had in mind, it was at the tip of my tongue (or fingers) when I was writing this blog post. Thank you.

  3. Very cool! You’re right in saying that the art is ever-changing. I made a post about my visits while living in Melbourne two and a half years ago:
    I don’t see a single piece of art in your post that I recognize from mine! 🙂

    1. Hi Holly! It really is amazing how fast the art work changes. I guess that is what makes Melbourne such an interesting city.

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