Degraves Street, Cafe Andiamo CBD Melbourne

Melbourne – Day 4 – Part 2

I read about a Parisian styled laneway with lots of coffee and Italian food before leaving for Australia, but with so much going on, I kind of forgot about this place. That was until we stumbled upon this laneway the previous day as we were exploring the other artsy laneways (Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane).

After returning to our Apartment from Eureka Tower, we picked up Auntie and Uncle (who decided not to go to Eureka Tower) and walked them back to CBD Melbourne. To be honest, Auntie was not very happy to have to walk across the Yarra for lunch but she was a trooper and came along.

We headed to Degraves Street just across from Flinders Station. This cobblestone laneway is lined with small shops, cafes, and restaurants. And the best thing is that the center of the street is dedicated to table with little umbrellas (no cars). We kind of randomly picked a place and asked if they had a table for 6. They did, and we sat down! Now for lunch!

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _04

We sat down at Cafe Andiamo and ordered a few drinks as we decided on what to eat.

36-38 Degraves Street
150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _07150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _08

Espresso coffee drinks are good, but I was honestly craving a brewed coffee (a cold press / cold brew would have been amazing). I think we ordered a few Flat Whites and they came with pretty coffee art.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _12

It was sunny day, but it was so dark under the umbrellas. We ordered 5 pastas and 1 pizza. For the pasta, you basically choose what you want and they can make with your choice of fettuccini, penne, spaghetti, risotto, tortellini, or gnocchi.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _15150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _23

Pomodora Basilica (Pene) – traditional napolitana sauce with onion, tomato concasse & fresh basil.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _18

Bolognese (spaghetti) – traditional meat sauce

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _19

Del Pescatore (fettuccini) – muscles, prawns, scallops, garlic and chili with pomodoro sauce.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _20
Funghi (spaghetti) – mushrooms, onions, baby spinach & a touch of white wine tossed in cream.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _16

Carbonara (fettuccini) – shredded bacon, white wine, parmesan cheese and parsley, served in a cream sauce.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _17150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _22

Prosciutto Pizza – tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket leaves, zucchini, and mushrooms

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _25

Half way through our meal, I ordered a glass of wine. Just sitting under these umbrellas along a busy walk laneway was a really nice and relaxing afternoon. I could definitely spend a lot of time here with just a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

150913c Degraves Cafe Andiamo _27 _SH

Oh! And as we were leaving, I spotted a freezer outside a little cafe with my favorite Australian ice cream sandwiches: Pat & Stick’s Handmade Ice Cream!!!

Perkup Cafe & Burger Bar
12 Degraves St. 

I didn’t take any pictures because I was so excited!!! Yuntiha and Auntie who don’t like desserts actually really liked this too! I had it at the Sydney Fish Market and knew I had to have more!


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  1. Yum looks like they put lots of meat on the pasta. I’d like to try the Del Pescatore and carbonara 🙂

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