Brighton Beach and the Colorful Bathing Boxes

Melbourne – Day 5 – Part 1

So there was a bit of a miscommunication with Auntie. We headed out early-ish for dim sum with our relatives at Shark Fin House. Auntie and Uncle decided to stay in, instead of joining us. And after dim sum we (Yuntiha, AuntieB, my parents and I) went to the info center at Federation Square.

We thought that we were going to let Auntie rest for the day, and that we would make our own way to the beaches. Plan was to go to Brighton Beach and the colorful Bathing Boxes well as St. Kilda Beach. We ended up only making to the Brighton Beach because Auntie was apparently planning to drive us to the beaches.

150914b Brighton Beach _21

150914b Brighton Beach _20We found that it was not as easy as we thought it would be to get to both of these beaches (St. Kilda was much easier then Brighton Beach though). We took the train from Flinders Station to Bright Beach Station and then walked all the way Brighton Beach and the colorful bathing boxes.

According to Google Maps, it’s a 1.6km 16-20 minute walk from Brighton Beach Station to Brighton Beach and the colorful bathing boxes. There are little signs from the station directly us in the right direction.

And of course, don’t forget that you will have to make your way back this way to the Brighton Beach Station.

To left of our walk is the beach (most of the time) and to our right it looked like some beautiful and probably pretty expensive homes just across the street from the beach.

150914b Brighton Beach _02150914b Brighton Beach _08

Just south of the colorful bathing boxes are beaches with lots of locals sunbathing. It was also a perfect area for us to just relax on the beach for a bit as we made our 1.6km trek.

150914b Brighton Beach _12 _SH

It was a super windy area though. But that was exactly what makes it perfect for wind surfing.

150914b Brighton Beach _16150914b Brighton Beach _17

On our way there are some amazing views of the Melbourne Skyline, and if you look closely you will see some of the colorful bathing boxes.

150914b Brighton Beach _18150914b Brighton Beach _22

There are 82 colorful bathing boxes lining Brighton Beach all of which are the same size and shape and date all the way back to the early 1900’s. Today these bathing boxes are as there did originally with no service amenities such as electricity and water. (source)

150914b Brighton Beach _24 _SH150914b Brighton Beach _25 _TH

As we walked along the beach, there were lots of people selecting their favorite bathing box and taking pictures in front of them.

150914b Brighton Beach _32150914b Brighton Beach _58150914b Brighton Beach _34

It would be awesome if you can rent a bathing box, but they are not available to be rented. They are only licensed to Bayside residents for personal use only.

And those licensed to use a bathing box can paint them, but they have to follow specific guidelines. Even with the guidelines, I’m glad each of these bathing boxes are still beautiful and unique.

It’s not hard to spot a local and a tourist. The locals are sunbathing. I was actually quite excited to get a little peek inside a bathing box since there was a bathing box owner hanging outside of this bathing box.

And the tourists are dressed nicely and taking lots of pictures. Check out this fashionable guy in front of the red door.

150914b Brighton Beach _35150914b Brighton Beach _71 _TH

We walked all the way from bathing box number 87 to bathing box number 1 and then back. I know there are 82, I noticed that there are numbers missing so that would be my guess as to why number 87 exists.

There are plenty of other bathing boxes at other beaches but this is one of few beaches closest to the downtown Melbourne CBD area.

150914b Brighton Beach _72 _TH150914b Brighton Beach _73 _TH

We weren’t exactly dressed for the beach, but at least I was wearing capri pants. I took off my shoes and made my into the water just to dip my feet in. As I did at Bondi Beach and Manly Beach in Sydney.

It’s such a calm beach, with some rather course sand.

150914b Brighton Beach _30150914b Brighton Beach _41150914b Brighton Beach _44

Instead of taking the bus from Brighton Beach to St. Kilda as we had planned, we ended up sitting at the beach eating the cut papaya (thanks to our relatives) hanging out in front of several different bathing boxes.

Here is where the miscommunication became a little problem for us. I told Auntie that we were planning to head to St. Kilda but I failed to tell her I was planning to take the bus. She asked me “how long will it take you to walk from where you are to St. Kilda?” and I answered a few hours (haha). Anyways, she insisted on picking us up at Brighton Beach and told us to wait for her.

She and her friend (who is from Melbourne) were on their way.

This is when I learned that her friend had never even heard of Brighton Beach and had no idea how to get there. They pulled out their handy dandy map and started searching the map.

150914b Brighton Beach _27

They ended up getting lost a few times and couldn’t figure out what streets to pick us up at. And I honestly had no idea how to give them directions and she wouldn’t use google maps. She and her friend were getting very frustrated.

150914b Brighton Beach _63150914b Brighton Beach _46

With time to at the beach, we continued to pick out some of our favorite bathing houses to take pictures (and for some shade between the bathing houses).

150914b Brighton Beach _50150914b Brighton Beach _51

I found one that even matches my outfit. I kind of blend in.


150914b Brighton Beach _37150914b Brighton Beach _74 _TH150914b Brighton Beach _36

Auntie, Uncle, and her friend finally found their way to Bright Beach Station. So we walked back toward them. We ended up tired from being under the sun (I guess we were just not fit for being at a beach all day) and Auntie was pretty frustrated.

We packed into their mini-van and headed to the suburbs to Auntie’s friends house.

I still wanted to go to St. Kilda Beach but Auntie had her own agenda as we headed to the suburbs so that she can visit her friends new grandchild. We spend the afternoon not doing much inside…

At least I made to a beach in Melbourne. And that would be another reason to have to return to Australia and Melbourne.

150914b Brighton Beach _75 _TH150914b Brighton Beach _83 _TH

Which colorful bathing box did you like the most?



  1. Those beach boxes look colorful. The blue and seagulls really match your outfit

    1. Thank you. That was one of my favorites bathing boxes.

  2. I like the yellow and purple one with the green alien

  3. Those buildings always remind me on the Hummerbuden on Helgoland, Germany

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