Day 5 Meals: Chinese Dim Sum and Vietnamese Dinner

Melbourne – Day 5 – Part 2

On our last full day in Melbourne we basically did 4 things: we had Chinese Dim Sum and Vietnamese dinner and Brighton Beach and rested in the suburbs of Sunshine Melbourne.

It was still quite a long day filled with things that are kind of familiar and yet unique enough to remind us we were not home.

Shark Fin House

131 Little Bourke Street
CBD, Melbourne, VIC

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _01150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _02

It’s Shark Fin House not to be confused with Shark Fin Inn just down the street (though they are part of the Shark Fin Group of restaurants). Our relative says this is the better of the 2.

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _03150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _04

We arrived just a few minutes before they opened. So the second the doors opened, we were seated immediately. There is an upper level, but I’m going to guess that because we needed a big table we were seated on the lower level near the front entrance.

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _05150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _07

It’s a push cart kind of dim sum restaurant and started with a few basic usuals.

The pork shiu mai 燒賣 and the steamed shrimp noodle rolls 蝦腸 are a must! It would be a very sad meal if I didn’t get to eat these 2 things.

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _17150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _08

Mom and I are not afraid of the chicken feet 鳳爪; literally means phoenixes feet (they make it sound so nice in Chinese). I learned to eat them and though there is no elegant way to eat them I’ve found it kind of fun to eat.

We got a few servings of bao / buns. I think this one was a custard bun (my old college roommates favorite “奶黃包 nai huang bao”). There is one missing cause my relatives were not used to of having to wait for me to snap a picture first.

haha, I love my family for their patience.

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _20150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _21

I used to love getting this sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves 糯米雞, but I found it to be too filling so I stopped ordering this at every dim sum visit. The lotus leaves wrap the sticky rice which is filled with chicken, pork, Chinese sausages, mushrooms, etc.

This thing can be a meal on its own…

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _18150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _19

We got a few more somewhat traditional dim sum items. On the left is a Taro Root Dumpling. I almost never order this because it’s fried and I don’t really care for taro. And on the right are a couple different types of shrimp dumplings.

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _09150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _10

And a few not as traditional dim sum items. We got some spring rolls and a meat pie! I was pretty excited to try the meat pie cause I still hadn’t had a chance to eat an Australian meat pie…I never did 😦

150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _24150914a Shark Fin House Dimsum _23

We ordered quite a few different types of dim sum desserts. Sweet tofu, mango pudding, and jello.

The tofu needs to be super smooth sitting in a bowl of sweet ginger soup. This one was pretty good. The mango pudding got me quite confused, where is the beautiful orange mango color? I guess all of the color went to the colorful jello.

TreViet Restaurant
150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _01 _SH

484 Ballarat Road
Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _11

We had a full on family banquet meal here with Aunties friends. They took us to their usual Chinese Vietnamese restaurant in their neighborhood of Sunshine, Melbourne. It was a full spread with a few things I’ve never had before.

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _04

They started with a house soup or what my mom absolutely appreciates when we go to Chinese restaurants. She says it’s called 老火湯 which literally means old fire soup. The soup has been cooking with meat, herbs, etc. for hours. Look at the chunk of meat I had in my bowl.

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _10

My mom’s favorite is a well boiled chicken. She learned how to make that at home but when we go out we still order this cause she loves this dish.

The other in the above picture is a stir fry alligator (or is it crocodile)? I only know what it is in Chinese and I keep getting these animals mixed up.

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _07150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _08

It’s a family dinner, and they sure are good about making sure we eat our vegetables with the usual seasonal stir fry vegetables. The other thing is a salty egg stir fry with vegetables. The salty egg thing was interesting but definitely not very healthy.

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _05150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _09

They ordered a couple seafood dishes too. Sweet and sour shrimp and a fried fish. I didn’t care for either. I would prefer a simple steamed fish over the fried because the fried always reminds me of going to the grocery store where they fry the fish for you for free.

150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _06150914c TreViet Seafood Restaurant _12

And we ended the meal with more fried food. Fired chicken of some sort, there were bones in it but it was definitely not the wings or thighs or drumsticks or breast (uh…I have no idea). Dessert was good though. It was a taro coconut soup.

Overall, this was not a memorable dinner. I had a really hard time trying to remember what we ate and I really wish this was not our last meal in Melbourne, BUT at least my next real meal in Australia will be one of my favorites (that’ll be in my next post!)


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  1. That fried fish looks very good. Where do they fry fish for free?

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